How Hard Will It Be To Get A PS3 Slim In Japan At Launch?

Who knows! That didn't stop me from calling five Japanese retailers to find out.

Game retailers in Japan run the gamut of small, independent Mum 'n' Pop style shops to the larger, nationwide chains. Since the chains get larger product shipments, I called five shops in Osaka and Tokyo. I called one in Kyoto, but no one answered. Sorry Kyoto!

Sofmap - Akihabara branch (Tokyo) According to the staffer I spoke with there, the store is still taking pre-orders for the PS3 Slim. Those interested in pre-order must pay ¥2,000 (AU$25.50) upfront for a reserve. The staffer did not know how many consoles it would be getting.

- Namba branch (Osaka) Likewise, still taking pre-orders. The staffer said he hoped they would be able to fill all their pre-orders. While the staffer did not know how many consoles they will be getting, it did say, "We won't be getting a ton of them."

Bic Camera - Yurakucho branch (Tokyo) Sony held its official PS3 launch at the Yurakucho branch. Bic Camera isn't asking for money upfront for the reserve and is still taking pre-orders. As with the other shops, this branch does not know how many units it will be getting.

Yodobashi Camera - Shinjuku (Tokyo) As with all the other shops, this branch is still taking pre-orders. The staffer, however, recommended that I line-up before 9.30am if I don't pre-order my PS3 Slim. This branch will have consoles for those who don't pre-order, but it's possible they could sell out quickly, the staffer said.

- Umeda (Osaka) Ditto for still taking pre-orders. The staffer didn't know how many PS3 Slim consoles the shop would be receiving.

In the most recently released Japanese hardware sales figures, Sony sold only 2052 PlayStation 3s compared with 8979 Xbox 360s and 26,972 Wiis.


    I always see these massive lines at Japanese game stores on release date, why don't people just pre-order, lol, I mean if your willing to sit out in the snowy/rainy weather for 3-4 hours, why not take the 10minutes the day before to preorder the game?

      Unless they are taking deposits like some stores above, there's nothing to stop them selling the console they promised you.

      Also from what I understand of Japanese culture, they will line up because they want to get their console as soon as physically possible, preorder pr not.

    Hahaha! I'm in Hong Kong for a Holiday and I've bought 2 Slims already! Too bad I couldn't go the the launch party, the line was already full :(

    Ah, sweet sweet PS3 Slim.

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