How PhysX Makes Batman: Arkham Asylum Better

Now that many of us have experienced Batman: Arkham Asylum on the console, let's see if it was worth delaying the PC version to add support for NVIDIA's PhysX technology.

The verdict? While it certainly doesn't seem to effect the gameplay, little touches like the flowing of his cape, the swirling of debris, and the way those banners flutter when you toss a batarang through them should help make the experience just a bit more immersive. Is it worth a three week delay? I've a feeling that once PC gamers have the game in their hands the delay will be completely forgotten.


    Shame you need a dedicated Nvidia graphics card for all the physX effects.

      Well being a product of nVidia,that isn't too shocking... Besides, you can get a dedicated physX card for cheap if it's that important to you.

    I don't get it, I've seen all of these effects done in games before. Some of that stuff just looks like a gimmick though, bits of paper all over the asylum moving around when batman moves past? How is that even relevant to the game?

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