How Sony Motion Control Figures Into LittleBigPlanet

In this five minute video, Sony's new motion control wand is used in a cooperative mode of LittleBigPlanet. One player handles Sackboy with a Dualshock, while another manipulates objects to help him complete his tour through the level.

This video comes from Sony's Tokyo Game Show presentation during which motion control support was revealed for LBP as well as Resident Evil 5 (video of that is here). We reported that the game would also support, EyePet, Flower, Pain, High Velocity Bowling "and more". The slide at the end of the demonstration also mentions Sing and Draw, Champions of Time, Motion Party, The Shoot and Tower.

[TGS 09]PS3 ??????????? ??????????? LBP [EyeToy] [YouTube, thanks John R.]


    That actually seems to work pretty well! I am surprised at how quickly they have implemented this into the game, and how well it works with this game as if it was made with it in mind!

    But.... still think the controller looks like some kind of adult "electronic toy"... so will it have Dual Shock?!? hehe! Ahhh Japan =)

    Gawd, I love LBP and my PS3 but that looks so crappily tacked-on. Hmm. I hope they have better offerings for their motion controller than that.

    Maybe, just maybe, Sony will get this "wand" controller thing right. Many years ago I, as well as many others, were duped into all the wonderful possibilities of motion control in HARDCORE games that the Wii promised and never delivered on. I have a lot more hope that Sony will seize the opportunity, use its console's superior graphics, and make a motion controller core title that will blow everyone's socks off!

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