How Square Enix Ports DS Games To The Wii

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time was originally released as a DS game. But now it's on the Wii. How did Square Enix port it over? Easily.

According to the game's director Mitsuru Kamiyama, "The DS version was the original source code, we made a system that automatically generated the Wii version." This system is called the Pollux Engine, and it seems fancy.

Even though the Wii and the DS are using the same data, the Wii handles the data differently (obviously) and renders graphics differently (ditto). Guess this means look forward to more DS-Wii-ports?

【CEDEC 2009】恐るべき開発技術が、Wii/DSで『FFCC EoT』を動かした/ゲーム情報ポータル:ジーパラドットコム [Gpara via Siliconera]


    File -> Generate Wii Version (Ctrl + W)

    Yeah, but the wii version just looks like the ds game, sadly, with a giant border around it to make up for the huge resolution loss.

    The game is great though, I traded the Wii one back in and kept the DS version.

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