How Tim Schafer Got His Job At LucasArts

tim schafer application 1Tim Schafer reveals the inspired cover letter that scored him his first games industry gig at LucasArts (or LucasFilm Games), as seen on the Double Fine site. Part two after the jump.

tim schafer application 2


    There are currently no AU comments for this post.

      That is a lie.

    lol thats really creative and quite awesome!

    Very cool. Probably didn't also hurt that he is TIM FREAKING SCHAFER and therefore his resume was presumably printed on flattened unicorns and awesome :)

    As a side note to the story, he thought he wasn't going to get the job because he mentioned loving BallBlitzer during the interview, which was the pirated version of LucasArts' earlier game BallBlazer.

    Quite the faux pas.

      He almost Ballsed that up now didn't he.

      He actually didn't get the job after that interview. He sent the letter as a secondary effort. Obviously it worked!

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