How To Build Your Own Big Daddy, Step By Step

With Halloween just around the corner, make sure your ability to scare the bejeezus out of little children is set at maximum mind warp by making your own Big Daddy costume. Expert costumer Harrison Krix shows you how.

You're going to need plenty of cardboard, foam and a working drill—yes, that Big Daddy drill spins—plus you're going to need to start, well, right about now. Krix's D.I.Y. Big Daddy took him a good seven weeks to build, but that includes things like built-in fans, the aforementioned spinning drill arm and a serious attention to detail.

I imagine you could probably knock out something in six weeks, six and a half, tops, using his method.

Big Daddy (BioShock) [Volpin Props via Make]


    if you read down the bottom apparently its not 100% completed yet! i'd love to see the finished product

    wow, i need to make this for Supanova next year...

    Ahh, the Rosie suit would be an easier choice to make, but would be somewhat less obvious.

    Also, it's the same guy who made that Portal Gun and the ADAM needle!!(which I don't think you guys covered, I may be totally wrong about that tiny bit though)

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