If Video Game Characters Facebooked

Five imagined status updates, and their comments, reveal the typical comings, goings and doings of gaming's glitterati, played perfectly to type.

For my money, Tails' pitiful sycophancy is bested only by Mega Man's personality test disappointment. As someone who used to write Facebook personality tests (literally) I can vouch for their unscientific inaccuracy and overall irrelevance.

5 Video Game Status Updates [College Humor, thanks Ken]


    facebook is the biggest pile of trash time waster ever made. At first, yes, it was a worthwhile invention. Talk to friends, private message them (saves money on SMS and is more personal than regular email). But these quizes, status updates, attention seeking applications are ridiculous. Society is definately becoming more dumb


        Yes Jake your right :P Now do something constructive.

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