Inside CCP's Succubus Club

Step inside The Succubus Club as we share some rather bad photos and a couple of video clips from CCP's infamous goth meets geek party event.

People walking about in vinyl clothing; barely dressed women writhing about on stage; and men performing the art of fire poi for screaming women in the audience - this is what I saw during my brief visit to CCP's Succubus Club party last night at the Heavens night club in downtown Seattle. After standing in a rather long line for a good half hour I was allowed to enter the dark, smoky depths. So smoky and strangely-lighted that the few pictures I managed to shoot look like they were taken in a smoky, strangely-lighted club. Go figure.

After snapping off a few shots and avoiding the crowd at the bar, I found a quiet corner in the back room where the DJ was playing The Sisters of Mercy's "Temple of Love." Singing along quietly to myself it struck me - I had been here before. Sure, the smoke was cloves back then and not a smoke machine and I had more hair and a penchant for mascara, but otherwise this was pretty much a normal day for me a decade and a half ago.

And that's why didn't I stay longer. For some visitors to The Succubus, last night was a brief, tantalising glimpse at a deliciously dark and bizarre lifestyle. For me it was ages 19 through 23, and then 27 through 29.


    Where is this club?

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