Inside The Sydney Borderlands Press Event

Wanna see what goes on at a gaming press event? 2K recently held a Borderlands event in Sydney. They filmed it all and put together this neat video.

Yes, I know it's a shameless marketing exercise. But I figured you'd be interested to see a glimpse of what goes on when the Australian games media gather to check out a new game.

And in the case of Borderlands, we turn up to a dark inner city bar, listen to a presentation from the charismatic Randy Pitchford, then spend a few hours playing the game. I also had a good chat with Randy and will be posting extracts from that next week.

The only thing this video doesn't show is the beer we drank afterwards.

Oh, and see if you can recognise some of the journos...

Borderlands - Exclusive Australian preview event [2K Youtube]


    You can recognise Wilks' mug a mile away. Bad Cop, No Doughnut indeed!

    I'm still on the fence with this one. The premise is great, especially as a drop in co-op game ala Diablo. It's just that, in all the videos I've seen so far, the game play just doesn't convice. I'd love to give it a go, and I'll look forward to your interview.

    Didn't look like you guys were having fun right at the beginning :P

    Probably got a bit more lively with the beer later I imagine.

    I'm still on the fence about this one too. But the comment about "procedural AI" adding things to the game made my ears prick up. Might be worth a look but I'll wait for player reviews.

    On second thought, it's my birthday in October so stuff it. I'll get this game too. It looks like fun, I just hope there's some lengthy game play in it.

    I think it's cool that i have the same last name as Randy. I also think borderlands looks great. Just trying to choose between ps3, xbox or pc.

    That president reminds me of the guy from Around The Twist, the dude that always tries to kick out the family of their home. LOL

    ANYWAY.. So glad they did an event like this in Australia. They should make the main launch of the game in Australia. I would believe Oz played a major role in the landscape of the game considering Mad Max is a major influence.

    I totally cannot wait for this game any longer!!! And i love how they promote the amount of guns in the game - but also (i haven't played any sort of demos of the game myself) - but i can't help but think the 16 million weapon varients are just different sorts of scopes on a pistol or a particular weapon with random ammo that each weapon shoots.

    There is probably a vast choice of weapons, but the randomization of accessories vastly makes up the millions of weapons as they state.

    Was it a bit distracting shooting people and having numbers fly off them? How did it play as a shooter?

    Holy crap Daniel Wilks let himself go (last Hyper I read was 2005ish)

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