Japanese Developer: Microsoft Making PS3 Development Easier

Tales of Vesperia was originally announced for the Xbox 360. Microsoft touted it as an exclusive, but the game ended up on the PS3. How did this go down?

A blogger who was apparently a developer on the title explains why the game was originally developed for the Xbox 360. "For developers, it's way easier to develop for the 360," the blogger writes. Developers sign a one year contract, the blogger continues, with Microsoft that states the game will not come out on other platforms for one year. "Microsoft provides sufficient development funds," the dev writes. "Support is fast and all encompassing."

According to the apparent dev, "Sony Computer Entertainment doesn't really provide money (maybe no money). Support is a mess and unreliable. (At the time I was involved)"

"Developing for the 360 is easy. The cost is lower to an extent." So what developers like Namco do, the dev explains, is develop for the Xbox 360 first at a low cost. However, it's not possible to sell a lot of copies of the game, and thus difficult to recoup the development costs and turn a profit. So, the game was then ported to the PS3. "Then Sony says," the developer blogs, "'We won't approve the game if it's exactly the same as the Xbox 360 version. You must put in lots of extra content.'" Namco added new content such as a new pirate girl character.

While its easy to go from the Xbox 360 to the PS3, it's difficult and time consuming to go from the PS3 to the Xbox 360—thus, don't expect to see that extra PS3 content turn up as DLC for the Xbox 360 version.

Namco was intending to make a complete game, the developer writes, that Xbox 360 owners would enjoy. The PS3 owners, it seems, will enjoy the game slightly more, though.

PS3テイルズ オブ ヴェスペリアのアレについて [月光はBLOOD EYE]


    kinda sucks PS3 users have to wait an extra year to get some of these games, but until sony starts helping out with development like microsoft apparently do, we will just have to accept the second handed games with a little new content.

      If money is your idea of helping, then sure. But there have been reports of Microsoft destroying developer culture such as in FASA.

      I don't consider Microsoft throwing money at everything to be 'helping'. Sure - that extra money is useful, but Microsoft aren't doing it to help the developer, they are doing it to strangle the competition.

      Yeah, but compare Sony's firstparty output with Microsoft's - Sony make the (wise, IMO) to invest their money in their own IPs. That means they own them, which means their exclusives STAY exclusive. Contrast to MS's approach, which gets them a game exclusive for a year or so, after which they don't own jack. Then the game comes out for PS3 anyway, often with additional content, and rides along on the coattails of all the effort MS put into promoting the game the first time around.

      The days of the 3rd party exclusive game are rapidly coming to an end. MS would do better to invest their money in actually developing their own games and their own IP rather than paying for timed exclusivity.

    So I guess this is why the new Batman game had the extra Joker challenges for the PS3.

    Heh.. interesting excuse.. but..

    If it wasn't for the fact that Namco/Bandai is notorious for doing "extra content" ports/remakes. I'd actually believe him..

    Need I remind the following..

    Tales of Symphonia - GC to PS2 - PS2 added Hi-Ougi's to characters AND boss fights and extra eX-Skills

    Tales of Phantasia - PSX (and later GBA) version over original SNES had added voice content and Yuzu as PC character.

    Tales of Destiny 2 - PSX original.. remade for PS2 w/ extra contents as well...

    and lets not forget Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata =P

    Fuck namco.

    why even bother buying games that are not even completed products? great fan-service assholes.

    ._.; I brought this when I came out and I'm really enjoying it. They can't use the 'it's all about money' excuse because they could release all the content they put in the ps3 version as DLC and turned a profit.

    I'm so mad at you right now Namco. >:c

    You're all forgetting one important matter: The sony ps3 has a higher graphics capability and therefore it has to be developed for the 360, but it's locked in a contract for 1 year then it can be ported. but developing for ps3 doesn't allow for the games to be ported as they are often on a higher graphics engine than what the xbox360 can handle. That is the sole reason why metal gear solid 4 never made it to the 360 along with the fact that it's on a 50Gb disc and the xbox 360 used HD DVD's that had a maximum of about 30Gb but I think now they use regular DVD's and soon Blu-ray Discs. so if the 360 did get mgs4 it would've been about 4 discs.

      This post is uninformed.
      If you compare the graphical quality of Vesperia between the two platforms, you will find that the 360 version runs at a higher resolution. The graphics capabilities between the 360 and PS3 are very similar. The advantage of bluray is mostly for adding more layers of texturing and keeping the textures higher resolution and with less compression. This can result in better looking graphics; but as in the Vesperia example, this is certainly not always the case if the PS3 graphics engine for a game is inferior to the 360 one.

      Urh, also: 360 never used HD-DVD for game content (they had an HD-DVD drive addon for movies), it uses standard dual layer DVDs.

    No tyris you have been misinformed

    Untill i see games like uncharted 2 , heavy rain running on 36o then i wouldnt say the 2 systems are graphically equal.
    I mean comon, i love games and im not a fanboy, but its not hard to see the ps3 has the edge now!
    Alot of development time with tools and middleware, developers are starting to understand the complex Asymetrical nature of the cell BE.
    RSX supports 128bit Hdr 360 only supports 64bit..
    Have you not seen the lighting in some of these upcoming ps3 exclusives?
    Even crytek in the video interview state that ps3 even pushes PC gaming forward!
    This is only the beggining

    Sorry to interrupt this dick waving competition but like, Back to the topic. Namco tried to pull some money for their game by screwing over fans on CONTENT.

    As a developer, it's easy to see how this wouldn't happen if sony provided the support developers need to create things on their system.

      *dick waving above you aside*

      As i mentioned I'm really not too surprised.. Namco/Bandai has been doing this since the PS1/PS2 days.. Symphonia remake was one of the biggest jump ship ports they did last gen and it smacked the same of all previous ports - release a "complete game" and then port it to another consoled "w/ extra content".

      Hence the label For Xbox Only on Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata was a mild surprise for me at the time... of course that didn't stick w/ the port to PS3 a few months later and then Vesp was anounced with the same "label". Of course most ppl familiar w/ Namco by then knew it was complete rubbish =P

      Mind you this extra content on console approach is not new.. most jp exclusive games do it all the time. The difference is that they take the proper approach that Namco only did to one multi plat series - Soul Cal. That being platform specific exclusives - extra char, etc depending on the platform. That way no one misses out...

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