Kotaku Approval Ratings: Issues Of The Day

After a week's hiatus, Kotaku Approval Ratings has returned to measure your opinions on certain games, concepts and controversies involved in the news over the past two weeks.

This week we seek to measure your attitudes on the PSPgo, whose pre-release has been marred by retailer unhappiness, criticism of its price point, and disappointment in its lack of UMD support. We're also interested in your feelings on motion control, as 2010 figures to be the year when all three major consoles will have some type of full featured system. Finally, two games we've written about provoked a great deal of reader reaction in comments about them. Approval ratings will attempt to crystallize how you feel about both.

Editor's note: For one of these we're experimenting with an open-ended answer capability. An explanation will precede that specific question below.

Again, you will not see the results of these polls after you vote. They will close tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. U.S. Mountain Time. We will publish the results and an analysis the following Thursday evening.

For this next question, because of the limitations of our poll service, we had to include at least two forced choices. These have been identified as null; do not check either of them. Click the third radio button and type your answer in the space provided in the third field.


    Dont like the prefered platform question, each has its own merits and as a result i'll favour each of them for their strengths. I just like games.

    before this poll i had NO idea WTF sambo meant. i missed the article too. i have looked it up and ive gotta say... i still dont know how a watermelon could be considered racist for that word. if they included the "N" word with a picture of an african person, then yeah ok that would be going over the line for some people. but, a watermelon?? can someone PLEASE tell me what I am missing here!!! am i really that out of touch or am i just naive?

    Umm, is the last question SUPPOSED to have null answer options?

    Some of these questions come across as a bit loaded. For instance I would have preferred an answer to question 5 along the lines of "I enjoy motion controls, but I also enjoy traditional controls". The way the question is worded the survey is forcing responders into a "with me or against me" mentality which in my opinion would skew the results.

    Otherwise, I enjoy these surveys.

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