Kotaku Approval Ratings: Taking It Online

After a week off for Labor Day, Kotaku's Approval Ratings are back again to measure your attitudes and preferences regarding online play and downloadable games.

No doubt many of these responses will break down along our earlier platform preference results. Remember, the point of answering a survey isn't to declare a winner, but to know an answer. In this case, an answer in the minority might still get a sizable enough percentage to be intriguing or revealing.

Again, you will not see the results of these polls after you vote. They will close tomorrow at 7.30pm US Mountain Time (11.30am AEST). We will publish the results and an analysis the following Thursday evening.


    Are these supposed to be questions you have to go to a different website to answer? It's about ten bajillion times more of a pain in the ass than previous ones...

    Yeah the new system sucks switch it back guys. I answered the first one, thought 'Ok this is shit' and jumped straight to comments to complain.


    When it asks "do you want to play", is that a question for those who haven't, or those who have.

    In which case does yes mean, I have played it and still want to, or I haven't played it and really want to play it.

    And what there of should I have completed it, enjoyed but no longer have a desire to revisit said game, but would still recommend it.

    Odd reasoning but makes me second guess some of the answers I give.

    kind of a pointless survey, especially the first question, everyone knows it will go like this:
    1. PC network
    2. Xbox Live
    3. PSN
    4. Nintendo Wi-Fi

    If it doesn't i will eat my hat

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