Kotaku Commenters Hang At Microsoft HQ

It wasn't until I saw the napkin dispensers at Microsoft HQ that I realised how proud I was to work at Kotaku. And by that I mean: I was perturbed that (maybe) only my old blog was featured on them.

Happily, I then saw something else.

How's a man to take the news in front of his eyes last week that shows that Microsoft has made special signs to hype Xbox Avatars clothes and other purchasable knickknacks and has featured other blogs and not ours?

Two feelings flared within me. Relief at not being appropriated into the marketing machinery for Avatars competed with my urge to ask the Microsoft employees with whom I was dining to ask "What the hell?"

My Microsoft lunchmates swore Kotaku was not being ignored. They swore there had to be a napkin dispenser or a sign or something that showed that this site had not been forgotten by the team responsible for convincing Microsoft's own employees that the Avatar Marketplace is both amazing and spectacular.

So we left the fancy cafeteria at Microsoft's fancy new several-weeks-old offices in Redmond, Washington, down a hallway that seemed more like a stretch of indoor mall, past the bank, past the ski shop, past the AT&T Wireless store that doesn't sell iPhones, and into the lobby of Studio A, where, a few flights up, Kane still fights with Lynch.

Up we looked to see banners.

And more banners.

Bonus points if you can prove that it's your old comment that Microsoft in-house marketing turned into a giant banner.

Finally, here's a pic that'll give you a sense of the size of these things:


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