Kotaku's Fall Fashion Special

Spring is here and that means prices and temperatures are rising. But you can still score a nerd-tinged wardrobe without breaking the bank, thanks to this handy save-splurge gamer apparel guide.

We tracked down gamer-made gamer apparel from all across the Internet, some with game publisher licenses and some without. Between our price listings and some choice advice from a few specialists, you'll pwn gamer fashion this fall.

Here's what our experts on gamer fashion have to say...

Meg Horner, private seller, aka sunshineravioli: "I shoot for a pretty chill look— if you're not looking closely, they just look like any other knit hat. It's like wearing a secret on your head that only other gamers will understand."

Chris Birch, founder, Joystick Junkies: "The main thing is our clothing has to be commercial, it's got to sell to people who want really cool t-shirts whether they ‘get it' or not, whether they recognise the inspiration for the design or not. The bonus is if you see one of our t-shirts and think ‘oh my god that's the quote from my favourite game'."

Tashica Taylor, private seller, aka urbanprincess: "I try to make thinks that are fun and things I think people will love! If I won't wear it I won't make it and try to sell it to someone."

Note: The gallery is sorted by game, so some "saves" will still be pricey. Sorry, Atari fans!


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