Kotaku's Top 5 List Of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

12 Advertainment Video Games [oobject]Not really a ranking, but a look back at a dozen nutshots to gamers' intelligence over the years, beginning with the atrocious "Pepsi Invaders" which probably violates some marketing law of not featuring your competitor's product more times than your own. Even if you are shooting at it in a video game. Where's Yaris, though? It's what I think of first when I think of these abominations.

Gaming's Would Be Innovators [GamesRadar] Well, Pac-Man on the 2600 is a real good call, as it sent video games into the wilderness for a few years. Dragon's Lair, Shenmue, Enter the Matrix and Star Wars: Galaxies make this list of disappointments that set out to do something big and different, but ended up not doing much at all. So does Fable, the second week someone's taken a swipe at Molyneux. Don't worry, Will Wright also gets slapped for Spore.

Top 5 Videogames That Think You're Fat [1up]Essentially a roundup of exergames, notably led by Wii Fit, which had nooooo problems telling everyone to mix in a salad.

Top Five Foods to Avoid While Playing Video Games [Smooth Harold]I suppose that, yes, since I'm not goddamn Doctor Octopus, it might be a little tough to eat crab while playing video games. Cheetos are this guy's number one, because of the orange fuzz it leaves on everything. My top pick: stay away from chitlins. Cause they're intestines.

Six Games That Really Should Have Fighting in Them [Crispy Gamer]"DEAR NINTENDO: You should include a mode where I can box an anthropomorphic dolphin named 'Honey,'" writes Crispy Gamer. They also want pugilism in Animal Crossing: "We need to be able to give Tom Nook the beating he deserves. 'That's for the 20,000 Bells you made me overpay for my tiny, cute roach-filled house!' POW!" I say, why stop there. Put up your dukes, Flower.


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