Left 4 Dead 2 Banned In Australia

Left 4 Dead 2 Banned In Australia

Left 4 Dead 2 has been refused classification in Australia in a decision announced by the Classification Board this morning.

You can see for yourself over on the Board’s website. The RC classification means Left 4 Dead 2 contains content that the Board deemed exceeds the guidelines for an MA15+ classification.

No details on what that content might be are available as yet.

We have contacted distributor Electronic Arts and will update you as soon as we can.

UPDATE: An EA spokesperson has told us they “are still working through the submission process with OFLC and want to explore all opportunities before making any comment.”

UPDATE: We’ve now seen the Board’s report. Head here to find out why Left 4 Dead 2 was banned.

[Thanks Andrew and Josh]


    • *Sigh* indeed, Andrew.

      But sighing is not enough. We ALL need to do something about this situation. Why not join me in spending just a few minutes writing to the Classification Board?:


      But try not to be abusive, that’s what they expect from us. Better to give constructive but firm criticism.

      STAND UP AUSTRALIA. It’s the ONLY WAY we’ll get an R18+ rating for games. Please do it NOW.

      • Unfortunately writing to the OFLC will achieve nothing. Every time they have been asked to provide opinion as to whether there should be an R rating for Computer Games the OFLC has been in favour of it. However, introducing one requires a legislation change which requires the unanimous agreement of all state and federal attorney generals.

        The South Australian Attorney General is a fundamentalist Christian who believes that he is protecting the children by refusing to agree. On a number of occasions he has expressed his desire to have the R rating for films removed. He will not shift his position on the matter, so nothing short of his being removed from office will change the situation.

        I very much doubt that you will be taken seriously if you write to the ALP requesting he be removed from Office, but that is about your only option.

    • @Garrick
      Games on steam that were RC’d and were changed and re-released, you get the re-released versions. Find a game that was banned in australia, go to its steam page and you should notice the Australian classification. However, find one that wasnt refused classification and normally it will have the american classification

    • But can’t steam restrict games to certain regions? I can’t see them allowing Australians to buy it if it has been banned here (unless of course our ‘steam region’ includes NZ and other countries that haven’t banned it)

      • I wonder David, would this also apply to ISP’s (iiNet, Internode, etc..) hosting Australian servers of the game?

        ie, even if we could acquire the game via import, would we be able to play on locally hosted servers?

      • What if I import a physical copy from a country without out-dated classification laws (say NZ or US), will I be able to install that on my PC or will Steam not allow me to do so since I live in Australia?

    • You’d better not do that if you’re in Western Australia. There is a $10,000 fine for posessing computer games that have been refused classification (as opposed to other states where it is just illegal to sell/rent such games).

  • There better be a very good reason why this was RC’d but Left 4 Dead wasn’t.

    Such as:
    “Grabbin’ Morphine!”
    “There’s LSD here!”
    “I hate protected sex”
    “You know what I don’t hate? I don’t hate abusing minors”

  • Up until now all the games banned in Australia have not been worth making any major fuss about. But now we have a serious, well made, hugely popular game being banned. Hopefully this will be the impetus needed to start some change.

      • Bethesda changed the content of Fallout 3 for all locales before release so we got the same version everyone else did and no one got a version with morphine in it. I imagine valve are not likely to do that so if we get a version it will be one that’s been kiddysafed in comparison to the releases in other countries.

    • I was pretty bitter when Blitz: The League got RC’ed as well. And I don’t like Blitz 2’s chances, if its to be released here later this year if the schedules I read are correct.

      God bless play-asia >_>

    • In Australia you have the Freedom to Choose whatever game you want to play…

      …just so long as its on the Governements Approved List.

      I say we make a game that pokes fun at Chairman Rudd and Senator for Propaganda Conroy and see if it makes it through Classification 😛


    Argh, always… this always happens…

    That certain attorney general needs to get off his high horse.

  • …..

    Me not happy.

    On the bright side, hopefully Valve will release an Australian-specific edition that changes the game so it gets into Australia.

    In the mean time, something needs to be done about these retarded classification laws. It’s just getting more and more pathetic.

  • I have fears now that even with a fix to get under the draconian classification laws we will end up unable to play with other users who did not get thier game castrated.

    Cheers Australia

  • I know why they did this. Because they added more than one token black character. Our Government iss backwards and behind the time and loves racism after all. WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY V.2.0 = CONFIRMED

  • For those that are relaxed about this in light of “just getting it from steam”. There has been mutterings that the new ‘ clean feed’ filter is going to block online distribution points that offer
    unclassified content. That being steam and world of Warcraft
    getting the ban stick courtesy of our new ministry of censorship. Watch for the filtering trial report released very soon. ….

    • ey why ban it u think us australians are bad thats just racist to us and y cant u just make it R 18+ like u are goen to reck alot of peopels game life and have u seen Call of Dutty WAW
      nazzi zombies huh didnt think so have u seen thier gaw and thier violence u should make that
      R18+ aswelll like u dont let us have any fun checking out the wepons and zombies thats just uncalled for im just asking plz make it an R18+ or change graphics.

  • Yeah I’m thinking it’s due to something about melee weapons and post-mortem decapitation, those guys hate that.

    Well I was already planning on MW2 over L4D 2 anyway…

  • Lmao XD Whoever is/was boycotting L4D2 must be having a field day with an entire country forcing a nation-wide ban. Nothing ever was said about blocking the program being accessable via net downloads.

    For all those thinking about importing, there are some country exclusive titles and I was told by Play-asia that Valve had for when I was trying to import L4D in at the time and I’m guessing that they are also going to do.
    Wait for NZ to make their judgement and import it from there if it is even remotely possible otherwise, a direct dl from Steam would be your main option.

    The cost of Freedom is Freedom itself… what irony…

  • Oh boy, here we go.

    I can see this causing many, many, many people to go balistic and destroy the classification board. Really, I do.

    Yet another case of australia getting the shaft. Dont say we didnt see it coming.

    Paulie R

  • On their website:

    How can I make a complaint about a classification decision?
    You can make a complaint about a classification decision by writing to us by post, fax or email.

    Contact details:
    By Post: Locked Bag 3 Haymarket, New South Wales, 1240
    By Fax: (02) 9289 7101
    By Email: [email protected]

  • Well importing American PC copy, here i come!

    this is such BS… seriously gamers, get off your asses and do something or we will forever be forced to feed on this shit.

    I mean, it’s shooting zombies ffs… whats so wrong with that?

    If we could have LFD1, why not LFD2?

  • http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=130655792935

    I’ve created a Facebook group for this. I’m looking for people to contribute to an open letter, as gamers of Australia, to send to the Classification Board.

    But this is ridiculous. This entire rating system is so inconsistent. Yet we keep putting up with it. There has got to be something we can do. Hell, I don’t even care about L4D2, its the fact the first one come out without issue as have so many other WORSE games. Rubbish like this makes me so angry to live here.

  • Why can I foresee a mass amount of people ordering it from american based online companies who will ship the american version. Only question is, will valve be able to tell the difference and stop those who imported it from playing the imported version in australia unless they get a “censor patch”

  • Pretty terrible news, but maybe it’ll finally open the floodgates wide enough for us to get that R18 rating. But that’s not going to happen without action – so here’s what people have to do:

    Go down to your local MPs office (federal would be best, but state MPs can help too) and bring up the R18 ratings thing as a freedom of speech/media issue. While you’re doing this, make sure that you have statistics about proportions of people who support R18 ratings for games, and point out that trying to get action on it will win a lot of votes for anyone who does. It isn’t the Rudd Labor government’s fault that games are getting banned, far from it, it’s the ratings system, but the parliament does have the capacity to legislate to fix it. If individuals start bring up the issue as a major, vote-determining issue, then there’s every chance that the politicians, on both sides, will act to fix the problem.

    • Actually, parliament have virtually no power in this – it comes down to a 100% agreement between Attorneys General to change the classification system. Of course, there is a single AG, one M Atkinson, that is not willing to see the majority view on this…

  • Seriously. It is beyond idiotic that one man can, through personal, stubborn, and incorrect beliefs regarding “protecting children”, manage to allow this sort of nonsense to continue. This sort of thing truly does make Australia an international laughing stock. “Oh no, quick, protect all those grown adults in Australia from being able to kill computer animated zombies!!!!”

    It really does seem more and more like we are one step away from communist China here these days. Banned games, censored internet, banned and over censored movies, get fracked. Where is the stop button, I want to get off this ride.

  • “On the bright side, hopefully Valve will release an Australian-specific edition that changes the game so it gets into Australia.”

    Pass. I wish game makers would stop watering down their games for Aus. Games are a form of art and art shouldn’t be tampered with! If game makers refused to modify games for different markets then it would force Aus to bring their ridiculous classification system into the 21st century.

  • You know what.
    I was playing left 4 dead the other day and straight afterwards I went on a rampage. I dismembered most of my neighbours before purchasing a black market gun which I then used to blow up some petrol stations.
    Now I know why they have the classifications.
    And there I was thinking that the classification board was a load of trumped up bu*$s%3t artists.

    Not happy.

  • As much as this sucks, it wouldn’t have happened if they had been working on HL2:Ep3 instead of making a new IP AND a sequel to said new IP… without giving us any news whatsoever on Ep3.

  • a new assignment for the iGEA?

    Really hope New Zealand passes this and get countless thousands of aussie dollars from gamers importing it. Why would they ban it, they’d just classify it as R18+ like every other f**king country would!

    As a huge LFD fan, i’m shattered. It’s personal now..

  • Because apparently killing something that is already dead, ala name UNdead, is worse than killing real people or playing sex (ala GTA 4)

  • a poll needs to be started to send in to ABS about having no R18+ rating for games in Australia.

    How they can feel that they can choose what adults can and can’t play is beyond me. it says 18+ so it isnt allowed for children.

    • There has been plans to release a public discussion paper on this issue for the past year or so which would give people a way to express their opinion on this.

      However, the State Attorneys General have not managed to all agree on the content of the discussion paper, so it hasn’t been released yet.

      If you are after a poll or referendum, then you probably want the AEC rather than the ABS.

  • I would like to see a no blood no gore except for boomer explosion cut version. It would be pretty sweet less visual noise.

  • ………………………That’s it!


  • Violence against zombies: Australia says “No”. I’d suggest everyone write their local and federal politicians, but if you’re here reading this then you’ve probably jumped through those hoops numerous times already. All we can do is wait and hope that eventually common sense, facts and logic start playing a part in this argument. But I’m not holding my breath.

  • Just to point something out to everyone who is saying “This isnt any different to l4d1”
    Dark Sector was banned on decapitation alone. The player was able to control the glaive to decapitate and dismemeber the enemies.

    Fallout 3 was banned because of the use of the name Morphine in a drug that the player could use and gain benift from.

    The adding of the melee weapons allow for actual decapitation now, as opposed to in l4d1 where they could claim that the heads were exploding, not being decapitated. Also, the drug use previously was just “Pills” not LSD. And as there would have to be a positive reason for the pills still, this would imply that taking LSD is good.

    • Reasons why the CB shouldn’t be able to ban games using those excuses.

      Ninja Gaiden II: Contained decapitation and dismemberment far more gruesome than lfd2.
      Deadspace: Also allowed decapitation and dismemberment.
      Half-Life and Half-Life 2Concept Development: You would often receive a notification upon being damaged that morphine was being administered.
      Velvet Assassin: Player could use Morphine to enhance their abilities.

      All of these games were given the thumbs up by the CB. It’s not just that they’re banning games that we want to play but they are entirely inconsistent in their reasoning.

      Also I don’t think lfd2 uses LSD instead of pills. Pretty sure they’re still pills.

      • Yea, im not saying that they are valid excuses, was just saying what I think is probably the reasoning behind it for those that didnt understand why L4D1 is allowed but not 2. The LSD thing is one of the characters talks about the pills but calling them LSD. Its in one of the earlier comments. Its stupid. GTA4 got censored on consoles, pc version was allowed through uncensored, and the console versions have since been patched to be uncensored. Classification board = fail. Oh, and to the person who posted saying that liberals need to step in, liberals were in power when this board was formed.

  • We’re such an immature country when it comes to these things. How can they say that violent movies are fine when games are not?

    Porn is another story, but around the same boat (not that it really matters to me, but I’ll mention it anyway). How can 2 states/territories have a different rating for porn, and the rest of Australia gets only R instead of X? (Yes, they’re different).

    The government need to realize that maybe, just MAYBE we’re a mature enough society to allow for a higher rating, and that if kids want to buy the stuff, they should be showing an 18+ card or current drivers license, as they would need to when purchasing smokes or liquor.

    As long as it’s policed properly, where’s the problem? All they’re doing right now by shoehorning these games into a lower rating is making sure that younger teens (14-15+) get to play games that in the end, are really only targeted at adults.

  • Maybe this will bring the R classification issue back to the forefront for many of us, since most of us pretty much forgot about it and let the Nanny-State win. I am ashamed to say I haven’t even checked up on the situation for a long time.

  • Now my memory is a little rusty but the entire sticking point on the R-18+ debate is the South Australian Attorney general M. J. Atkinson who is unlikely to budge on his stance.

    Like trying to negotiate with a wall.

  • *face palm*
    Why does the calssification baord have to be such assholes.

    Conroy better not hope I see him in the street cause he will get a mouthful.

  • This is some serious A-grade bullshit.
    What is it this time?
    Fallout 3 got the RC designation for ‘morphine’ – an absolute joke in and of itself.
    Australian gamers are being fucked over by the ridiculous classifications system – and we can only pray the Conroy disappears and takes his internet filtering scheme with him.

  • in the beginning the Australian classification board banned L4D2 and we spoke: “seriously? WTF!!??”

    but Lo, Gabe Newell did fly to Australia, and he did check out some mod-kids L4D thing.

    BUT then he did travel to Canberra and smite the Australian classification board, he spoke “seriously guys, L4D2, of all games, are you kidding me?”

    and with his holiest of artifacts, a crowbar, a companion cube, and some Pills(wait, tick tacks, drug use in games is a basis to refuse classification) he remade the Australian classification board in his own image, and said: “i’ll admit, there not pretty, but at least it works.”

    or so the prophecy goes.

  • “You know what.
    I was playing left 4 dead the other day and straight afterwards I went on a rampage. I dismembered most of my neighbours before purchasing a black market gun which I then used to blow up some petrol stations.
    Now I know why they have the classifications.
    And there I was thinking that the classification board was a load of trumped up bu*$s%3t artists.

    Not happy.”

    OMG same thing, but you know what? I have a shotgun & gun licence. Geez I’m glad they protect me…
    *high brow sarcasm*

  • I Suggest the people at kotaku start a petition for us all to sign to have R18+ approval of games instated in Australia.

    They are taking away the rights of adults. If movies are allowed, why can’t games be.

    I would personally start a petition but I know kotaku would get alot more signatures and get out to the gaming public MUCH MORE than I personally can.

    Please Kotaku 🙂

  • As if Valve would want this to fall into the R18 Classification even if we had one.

    It would limit their market, regardless of the actual content people in Aus still have a view that R18 = porn. They’ll tweak it world wide and get it looked at again, maybe Gabe could visit them personally while he’s out here.

    If we get an R18 I imagine a section in EB with games wrapped in sealed plastic.

  • Between outdated classification laws, the proliferation of racist bumper stickers and the upcoming national internet filter, I’m finding it real hard to love my country right now.

    Aging population + compulsary voting = A moronic conservative national bent.

  • Australia is getting worse than Germany with games! In all honesty the damn classification board needs a royal boot up the ass! What now? They gunna refuse Modern Warfare 2 for having ‘guns’, I mean really, what is it coming to? You can’t play a game because it references to drugs or sex or whatnot, just boycott for a bloody ‘R’ rating or something, thats all we need, but no! Our government are a bunch of idiots who would like nothing better than to just not approve games in the country so they can keep Australias ‘youth’ from playing it, Heard of torrents? Yea, we use them instead! Either way classification doesn’t work, you can get anything on the internet!

  • Incredibly disappointing i must admit. I would like to see the specifics on why it was banned. Not being able to see that by far annoys me the most.

    Does the classification board post these kind of things on their website at all?

    I can see we’re going to have one of those massive classifications debates again but i wonder if we get any further this time around considering that it’s still the same people in charge of it all.

    • It is damn annoying, hey Trent?

      I suppose we could get into a debate about classification on this forum, but why bother? That would be preaching to the converted.

      A much better idea would be to complain to the Australian Classification Board :


      That’s exactly what we should ALL be doing. Right NOW. Stop reading these comments and DO IT. But don’t be abusive toward them, that would be playing into their hands. Better to give them some constructive but firm criticism. It’s the only way we’ll get an R18+ classification for games in Australia.


  • Guys do not fear….www.playasia.com you can get good software games that have been banned..thats what i’m doing with this for ps3..

    • if they didnt ban everything people wouldnt have to download an uncut verison.

      And for the record people are encouraged to buy a legal copy before downloading anything.

  • Funny.. I thought we sent troops over to Vietnam to STOP communism and dictatorship? Anyone seen the movie Equilibrium? *rolls eyes*

    • neither. Misguided people acting in what they perceive to be the best interest of others/the common good. Quite frankly far more scary than evil.

      Though I will not rule out the possibility they are raving mad psychotics – just believe that seems unlikely.

  • just you watch. Valve NEEDS the asia pacific market, if it can’t sell here they’re looking at a large chunk of profit gone. If they change the game so it gets an MA rating here then I bet they’ll do it for every other country too, look what happened with Fallout 3.

    Seeing as multiplayer is the key aspect too it backs this up, how will we aussies be able to play with american or european players if our version is different to theirs?

    Boy if this happens the international fans are gonna be pissed at our government

  • I feel that alot of anger is being misdirected at the classification board. They have a bit of leeway but must adhere to the guidelines provided.

    It would be like getting pissed at the judicial system for failure to prosecute a serial pedarest because they decided to toss the law to one side and wave him through.

    Anywho, I guess I am saying that people’s ire would be better directed at the guidelines (or lack thereof) they work by and the people who decide them — and the person who has mothballed the R18+ debate and implementation (and the one needs to be convinced otherwise) is the SA Attorney General, the hon M. J. Atkinson.

    Internet censorship is annother kettle of fish completely (though just as harmful in the long run).

  • So there you go. To get what WE want, we are either forced to import or Pirate.

    Oh I get it we are still and island of convicts.

    • Nice one Radula.

      I did the same. Felt so good I’m going to do it again tomorrow. The situation will stay as it is unless we change it.

  • Just pirate the damn game and stop crying, goddamn.
    now, don’t go all moralfag on me, becuase i pirate, you have probably pirated… everyone pirates.
    besides, i’ll only buy that game if it’s not just a reskin of the first one.

  • Why dosnt Kotaku get in contact with Gabe Newell? One of your articles said his coming to Brisbane? You should get in contact with him and see what he thinks of this.

  • From IGN: UPDATE: News.com.au has a copy of the board report. The PDF file indicates that the game was refused classification due to ‘high impact violence’ that is unsuitable for minors under the age of 18.

    Unsuitable for minors under the age of 18… eyah, good point. Oh wait! We can just unban R-rating and release it to adults that the game IS suitable for. Solution solved, Atkinson!

    plz unban nao

  • In L4D 1 you were still able to blow people’s limbs off so I don’t see what’s so different with L4D 2. Besides there are many games out there which have dismembering limbs as a regular occurrence – what’s so different with L4D 2?

    Australian classification laws are just fucked. They really need to update them. This is not the first time they’ve thrown a bitch fit over something unnecessarily.

    The thing that pisses me off about this most: L4D is the only game I play online =(.

  • Thats fucked. I own a PS3. but still i fell all you 360 guys who were waiting for this – it looked good!!! Yet another reason why we would should have R18+ rating. The fucking system is a joke

  • Just had an interesting thought. Do you think the people on the classifications board realise the system is screwed and are deliberatly banning games to ensure attention is constantly being drawn on them?

    Fight it from the inside. It would be a cunning plan.

  • no classification for a game = torrent download, burn and play…

    thanks to the Australian government for promoting piracy.

    no where does the Australian government show that banning violent video games stops people from been violent. considering that the average gamer is 35 and works fulltime….do these people really need to be told what games they can and cant play.

    is the classification board banning this game for the under 15 year olds? dont most under 15 year olds get their parents to purchase then $80.00 plus games? shouldn’t the parents choose what is appropriate for their children to play…..this is how kids watch tv…their parents choose what they watch…

    the gov. and classification board are so in the dark it is disgusting……they are meant represent the people of australia not the small minority who dont consume this media…

    where do i donate money to annonymous…..they seem to represent me more than my elected gov..

  • Wow, what total and utter bullshit. Lemmie guess, the content in question is the EXACT SAME CONTENT that was in the original Left 4 Dead when it was allowed through to our shores, i.e. the shooting off of limbs, heads, etc. And even if it’s not, damn their double standard incompetence is laughable.

  • It might be a good idea to start some form of protest over the lack of a R18+ rating in the Australian video games sector. It looks like the Attorney-General is the person to contact about it, and it would be a good idea if a petition was organised to this effect.

    Anyway, one of the most effective ways of having your voices heard on this issue is to get your voice and use it. I’ve already sent an email to the OFLC board asking for reasons of the RC classification, and I will be in contact with my federal representative in order to argue the case of gamer’s all over Australia. Don’t forget, that the Video Games industry is now a $1 billion dollar industry, so we have a voice worth hearing.

    This is far too big an issue to just let slide.

  • I will be importing as I normally do when this sort of thing happens. Exorbitant prices, coupled with censored content, there is no way HELL I would be buying locally.

    The CB will not stop I, an adult, from playing this game. I am sick to death of this nanny state they call Australia and the government can go to hell.

    Fuck you, Australia. I’m sick of this shit.

  • This is rubbish!

    Another example of our country with its primitive ways. Like the classification for games is still in the 90’s – like they have 18+ classifications for everything else but for games, its as if the board thinks only kids play games.

    Get in the real world!

    You know this also encourages piracy – people want the full experience as by the creators, unmolested by policy makers which don’t understand the environment they’re in!

  • Absolute bullshit. How can one man, an arrogant Bible basher, decide what I should and should not access? I’m an adult, I should be able to make my own decisions.

    But noooo, it’s all to ‘PROTECT THE CHILDREN!!1’

    I’ve had enough of Australia and it’s backwards ways. Either the OFLC relents, or I’m pirating.

  • LOL @ backwards – assed Australian politics.
    Australian gamers have my sympathies. My only hope is that a watered down version is made for Australia, that will no doubt filter over to New Zealand as well…

    oh well just buy it from an english website and gt them to send it here cos theyve got the same game/code/system/thing
    thats what i did with onechanbara

    (altho it hasnt been banned, you just cant buy onechanbara here. or atleast its impossible to find.)

  • mr explody’s got it right!!! Is there anything, anyone we can beg, bribe or have ‘taken care of’ that would make this game not banned??????!!!!Are we pissed at that guy in SA that basically blocks the R rating or should we be pissed at the unfair R rating given by the board of whoever decides that shite???

  • What a ridiculous situation.

    But of course, I’m preaching to the converted here.

    I mean, what’s the point of complaining about it on Kotaku? 98 percent of the people that will read it already agree with you. Why not tell it to the Classification Board?:


    If for some reason the above address doesn’t work, google them & let them know how you feel about this [email protected] That’s the ONLY WAY we’ll get an R18 classification for games in Australia.
    Do it now.


  • i am so pissed that it is banned i loved the first one and now i find out that its going to be banned they dont relize that we dont that theres gore only the fun in killing mindless zombies and lighting them on fire

  • If it all fits, this is a copy of a letter I am sending to the classification board. If you like it, copy it and send it yourself. What do ya think?

    To whom it may concern.

    I am writing to you in regards to your recent decision to refuse classification to “Left 4 Dead 2”.

    My main point of interest here is why Australia is one of only a few countries that does not have a R18+ rating for video games.

    We have such restrictions in place for movies/tv shows, which leaves me confused as to why we do not have one for video games? The whole point of having these sort of classifications on movies and such is to keep them out of the hands of minors, while still allowing adults the freedom to watch these programs, knowing that an adult is capable of distinguishing between fiction and reality.

    By not allowing a R18+ category in video games you are taking away my right to choose. I am perfectly capable of making that decision for myself.

    While I understand that this game is one of those games that “is unsuitable for a minor to see or play”, you miss the point that this is NOT a game for children. It is a game for the older generation of gamers to play. I myself am 27 years old, and an avid gamer. Many of my friends are avid gamers, and of those gamers, most of them are over the age of 25.

    If your concern is that someone will purchase a R18+ game for a minor, then put harsh penalties in place to dissuade that from happening. If it is the parent that is purchasing the game for the child, then isn’t that more a problem with the parent than the game?
    If everything reasonable is in place to prevent children from viewing/handling this material, and a parent decides to circumvent these measures, then it is the parent that should be punished and/or fined, not mature aged gamers.
    If a sales clerk at a game store decides to sell to someone who they KNOW is a minor, then it is THEY that should be punished and/or fined, NOT mature aged gamers.

    In refusing games such as these, you are denying us our freedom of choice. You are punishing those of us who are old enough to play these games, those of us who ARE old enough to realise that these games are just that. They are GAMES. They are works of fiction.

    That is what an R18+ classification is to me. It is a distinction between a minor, who does not always understand the difference between fantasy and reality, and myself, a 27 year old gamer who understands that what I am seeing, hearing and playing is not real, and has no bearing on the real world. I will never allow it to influence my decisions or actions.

    Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience in regards to my concerns with this issue

  • What gets to me is that Michael Atkinson, the only guy who is holding back an R18+ rating, uses stupid contradictory logic in his arguments. He claims that ‘once violent video games are in the home, children can access them’. Oh, so now they suddenly can’t access R18+ movies in the home?

    I seriously want this guy to have a heart attack and die already.

  • more nonsense. when are we going to wake up and have a R18+ classification for games like we do for most other media? It’s even more insulting considering the ‘average gamer’ is in their 20s… the joys of living in the nanny state of australia. it’s just like living in a more friendly version of a dictatorship without all the genocide…

  • Why don’t they just rate it R18+?
    Australia has no R18+rating for video games.
    Why doesn’t Australia have an R18+ rating for video games?
    A single man, South Australian Attorney-General, Michael Atkinson doesn’t want an R18+ rating, despite overwhelming public demand.
    Why does one man get to determine what is right for everyone else?
    The system is flawed.

    Michael Atkinson has the appearance of a man who has never and will never actually play a video game, why then is someone with no actual experience in the industry in charge of what is acceptable conduct within?

    It’s time to send a message to Mr Atkinson, introduce a mature ratings system to the video game industry or turn over your duties to someone better qualified.

    Contact The Attorney-General and tell him what you think:

    8207 1723

    8207 1736

    [email protected]

    Postal Address
    GPO Box 464
    ADELAIDE SA 5001

    11th Floor, 45 Pirie Street
    ADELAIDE SA 5000

  • Man I pity you poor fellas. I’ve been over seas for the last 7 years now. To be frank the Australian government are far behind. Pretty friggin’ far behind.

    I took off after ‘we’ voted for a monarchy. Again and again progressive policy is hyjacked by tight arsed fogies from the wrong generation. When I left there was a buzzword floating around… everyone was talking about Australian practices attempting to be ‘the world’s best practice’. This is more like an example of the ‘world’s worst’.

    The board has to get with the program. Perhaps you poor bastards just have to wait until that old generation simple dies out. Either way I pity you guys. The one dissadvantage about cooking out there alone on the island is that you’re out of context. While younger generations are up to date yer country is run by friggin’ dinosaurs.

    Good luck with this one folks.

  • I have started a petition for the introduction of an R18+ classification for games in Australia.


    Michael Atkinson is one man (apparently) but we are many. I see the oflc as a hyprocritical organisation that flip flops and hurts local business by restricting what we can play (and hence create), and promoting piracy by keeping games out of the hands of those who should be legally allowed to play them. If a game isn’t suitable for minor’s, fine don’t sell it to them. No ID? no game. Same applies to film and literature, I don’t see why games should be differen’t.

  • there is 2 ways to bypass all these fags here in australia witht their stupid laws.

    1 – wait for awhile after release, then purchase a second hand copy off ebay.

    2 – Order it from a store overseas,and pay alittle extra for shipping.

    fact is,they have NO RIGHT to tell people what they can and cannot play.and I want this game to.soooo one of those 2 options I will be doing.lol

  • like I said.

    you can Just order a copy from overseas.

    dont you guys Just love that xbox360 AND PS3 games DONT have region restrictions anymore.lol

  • In order to put a human face to the “gamer” name I encourage you to post a letter to:

    Australian Government Minister for Home Affairs
    Parliament House
    ACT 2600

    Include in it the following filled out with your own details:

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is ________________. I am a ____ year old ____________. My hobbies include _______, _____________, and video games. I believe there should be an R18+ classification for video games.

    Signed ______________.

    So, for example, mine will read:

    My name is Aaron Nassau. I am a 25 year old business owner. My hobbies include film making, music and video games. I believe there should be an R18+ classification for video games.

    If we all send them on the same day it’ll be more effective when they recieve them. Also, I plan to handwrite mine to avoid them thinking they’ve all been sent by the same person. If you wish to do this too then please do.

    You have just over a week so hopefully more people will join by then. The more we have the more they’ll take notice.

    Please keep in mind that anything which can be misconstrued as strong or threatening language isn’t going to help our image so please avoid it. Be rational about it in public and as angry as you like in private, no one will see the logic in a temper tantrum.


  • It’s ridiculous that as an Australian citizen I can purchase a copy of “MY DAUGHTER HAS A DICK #4” (x18+ 29/09/2009) but I cannot legally own “left 4 dead 2.”

    Which would you prefer restricted?

    • Fuck it, just download a scene release of the game when it is released, that’s my way of sticking 2 fingers up to the Aussie Govt! Fuck you all!

  • this is fucking ridiculus i mean come this isnt fair they cant take away a game just because its violent look at dead rising another zombie game. where ur stuck in a mall filled with zombies u run into a garden shop whip out a chainsaw and cut the shit out of some very human like zombies but oh no they let that shitty peice of crap out on the market

  • Don’t they realise that now they have made the low violence version they’re more susceptible to piracy.. Cos the Steam version is also censored people are going to go for pirated american versions or edit and mod the existing low violence one.. I know for sure in the demo they’ve cracked it so the single player proportion is now uncensored 🙂

  • Dosent Dead Rising has decapitation and choiping of limbs and running over them with a lawn mower and they look more human then the ones in left 4 dead series

  • why didn’t you try ban Saw instead of left 4 dead 2 because left 4 dead 2 is just animation whoever tried to ban this is so stupid!

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