Left 4 Dead 2 Demo Coming Next Month

At a press conference held earlier today in Tokyo, EA took to the stage and revealed that a playable demo for Left 4 Dead 2 will be out next month.

It's dated for October 27, and that's all that was discussed. Not which platform that was for, not whether it was for pre-order customers or everyone, which map it was, nothin'. That info will have to wait, it seems!


    oh yeah

    cos it really matters for us aussies


    im seriously torn up about it

    do you think if i suicided over no l4d2

    they might reconsider?

    ofcourse id really just be going into hiding....

    its a big effort.

      If you suicide over L4D2 you'd be doing considerably more harm then good.

      'See! Look how bad games are, this kid killed himself because of the violence in videogames!'


    Any indication as to whether Valve and EA will

    A) Appeal to the independant board. I have a feeling based on past decisions the independant board woudl pass this (as a reference the independant board voted 6-5 for GTA3 banning, very close and that was 10x worse then this)

    b) edit the game

      Dunno. I've put the question to both but as yet have not had a response. I expect they're still working out what to do.

        there is a reasonable chance an appeal might get it through the second go. At worst we'd be looking at a slightly censored version like they did with fallout 3....

    HA take that australian classifications board, can't censor a demo on the ol' world wide web can ya?!

    Nothing stopping us aussies buying it from Direct2Drive or importing it anyways :P

      Hey, they're trying to censor it!

      Except there won't be any official Aussie servers, so you won't good ping nor any achievements.

        Is it really illegal to run a server for a banned game? Isn't the ban only for selling / distributing the game..not actually PLAYING it - I'm not too sure.

        That said, Wasn't Quake 4 banned (My imported one has 18+ from from the ESRB on it, don't know what happened here), however I remember a few aussie servers being around for that.


      I guess we'll just have to play the demo over and over on american servers?

      It's a Steam game dude. they'll block you from getting it, just like they stop germany from getting anything with nazi swastikas and stuff.

    lol dont care wasnt gonna buy it anyway and no im not in the boycott

    I was wondering when the demo was coming out. It's nice that Valve are releasing a demo and not a Beta as most developers have done lately.

    Hayden ms control xbox live regions pretty tightly we won't get the demo on live and valve will restrict the region on steam as well

    L4d won't be pm d2d because of steam

      ahh yeah that makes sense. bugger.. I told myself when I heard the ban I would do everything possible to play it. we'll get the demo tho right?

        I wonder if they will restrict it by region on steam. OFLC rating isn't required for digital distribution.

          You're wrong there, the classification system doesn't distinguish between disc-based games and digitally distributed games. They both have to be rated. The only exception is for MMOs where it is deemed you are purchasing a key to activate an online product.

            Yeah cause you know they take the time to classify all those iphone games and shit.

            Oh wait no they don't.

            This ban is only going to hurt because of Steam, if this were a game from any other company we could just buy copies from NZ or where-ever and just play it.

            As much as I love steam as a platform Valve is seriously going to have to make the decision of whether they're going to ban us Aussies from activating our (imported) games for online play or not and either way they're getting in hot water, be it either with their fans/customers or the law.

            I'm not suggesting Valve has an obligation to break the law on my behalf but I hope everyone sees the irony that only through their own software implementation do they actually have the ability to totally block us from playing their game, the lawmakers in Australia do not have that ability and if this were *not* a Valve game we would most likely be able to play it anyway without any more hassle than buying from an international company.

              iphone games are not sold at retail, thats the distinction. The OFLC currently have no jurisdiction over digital only downloads in the law.

              The reason MS and Sony get XBL/PSN releases rated is so they can release as retail without a fuss in the future if they want to.

              Also, its a goodwill thing. If Take 2 didn't do what they did with GTA 3 (ship it without it being rated properly) they would not be under such a watchful eye now. You play with the OFLC and you can get burnt.

              I did an entire massive project and investigation into the ratings system for communications during my university degree, it may have changed a bit since 2003 but not much and if you read into how it all works its amazing we get any games

                yes yes but there's another point there as well, if Valve suddenly decided that they weren't going to release games via retail outlets in Australia anymore and exclusively used steam then they wouldn't be operating outside the law as it seems to be enforced here in this country.

                Sigh there's really no point arguing it however, the solution is simple, R18+ rating required.

                Especially considering the complete hypocracy of allowing the complete wild west of the internet whilst brutally censoring retail products, all it does is damage the industry.

                  well, at least there is now a 2nd modified version being submitted however doesn't this make it less likely the first unedited version will be allowed?

                  All the same, something is better than nothing i guess.

    This will just mean more pirated versions being downloaded in Australia - which is a shame because Valve is one of the few companies who do things RIGHT and deserve to be paid for it...

    Import it

    It's banned from sale here not banned from being sold in the states then imported conveniently to your home

    the OFLC are idiots

      it is illegal to import a banned game and if custom sees it they will seize it. Most of the time they don't see it.

      If they do they send you a nice letter reminding you that the game is banned and you have forfeit this item. Do it again and you might be arrested.

      The other thing is because this game is such an online experience, it is entirely possible Valve and Xbox Live will ban the entire AU IP set from authenticating L4D 2 to ensure they don't get smacked with a fine.

        I just recieved a letter from customs, mine was seized.. Anyone else had this happen to them? How many people have been able to get it through?

        PS Apparently if I do it again I will face prosecution :S Gaaayyy..

    Be an hero.

    Such a shame about this, are we at least going to be getting a censored version over here...?

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