Left 4 Dead 'Crash Course' DLC Lands Safely On XBLA, Steam

If you're still playing Left 4 Dead, you're probably well aware that the 'Crash Course' episode was due for release today on Steam and Xbox Live Marketplace. If not, hey, new DLC!

To commemorate the new mini-chapter, plus the new Achievements (*drooooool*), Valve is slashing the price of the Steam version by 50%, giving you ample reason to finally own Left 4 Dead. That runs until October 2nd, giving PC gamers plenty of time to procrastinate.


    Should note that it's free on PC and 570 points on 360

    yeah why do poor console gamers have to pay for what we get for free

    CJ - we will be asking that question for a long time unfortunately. The more people buy the content even though its free on another system, the more they will ignore our question and keep charging us.

    So in my case, i'm not buying it. Besides a campaign level, ONE LEVEL on Left 4 Dead is NOT worth anything over 500 MS points. Plus 570 seems so random for content on XBL. Left 4 Dead is a ridiculously expensive game on Xbox.

    actually this costs 800mp.and after buying it i have to say im dissapointed.even if it was free it still wud of been meh

    I dont think $9.41 is much to ask for an extra level at all, Thats less than the price of two long necks and will no doubt give hours of entertainment. Im just bummed our version of left4dead 2 is getting banned.

    Not Valve's fault, complain to Microsoft.

    Probably because valve owns STEAM but not XBLA, so a microsoft not valve thing.

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