Left 4 Dead's Crash Course Out Next Week

That "September 23" date was obviously wrong, but not by much, as Valve announced today that Left 4 Dead's Crash Course DLC will be out next week.

September 29 is the date you'll be able to play through the new campaign on both 360 and PC, which acts as a bridge between the No Mercy and Death Toll campaigns found in the main game.

The 360 version will cost you 560MSP, while the PC version is free.


    Looks like Valve caved to microsoft demanding that they make the DLC cost money.

      Thing is, had they released l4d2 as an expansion then maybe we could have been able to get it in aus....

      just a thought.

      It's the cost you pay for playing it on the 360, Valve doesn't want to spend forever trying to make a deal with Microsoft to give it for free so you just have to pay for it to get it quickly. It's still cheaper than alot of other expansions.

    Sorry for being childish but I think a WOOT! is in order. ::)

      Oh Captain Pajama Shark, your not childish at all! :)

    They've stated on numerous occasions that Microsoft want to, "make sure there's an economy of value (on Live)", the most recent being on Eurogamer: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/l4d1-dlc-pricing-not-valves-decision

    It's lame, but theres a price to pay for playing on the superior platform ;)

    Take that pc gamers! you get yours for free?! Lowly scum, we pay for ours!

      You bastard!
      Why O why can't microsoft have more $'s in their eyes & charge for PC too...sigh

        Microsoft doesn't get any money when valve releases a game. Microsoft doesnt really get any money when PC games come out, let alone DLC / expansions

      So let me get this straight,
      superior platform =
      -Having to pay money for content
      -Having to pay for online play
      -Having worse graphics
      -Not being able to use community created content
      -A less-accurate control method (argue this all you want, even pro halo players will agree that the keyboard and mouse is much more accurate)
      -Having to pay 3x what we pay for hard drives

      And on top of that, there's the chance that your console might off and die for no reason

      Did i miss the opposite day announcement or something today?

        Well up until now if you still thought the Xbox was the superior gaming platform, you must obviously be ignorant.

        So don't blame them.

    560 MS points for ONE campaign. totally not worth it.

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