Listen In On Kojima, Inafune, More Talking Project Natal

As promised, Microsoft are about to begin a panel discussion on Project Natal with several noted developers, including Hideo Kojima and Capcom's Keiji Inafune. You're here, we're liveblogging, you may as well see what they've got to say.

Xbox 360 Developer Liveblog


    Thanks for that.. but ahh.. kinda pointless.

    I mean of all that they said, was kinda said by Peter Molyneux at E3. He said how it will change the way we look at games and played games. How you could create an AI that can understand you and read your body language & all that.

    He said it will bridge the gap between core gamers and people who don't play them and it will have a large appeal.

    They kinda just repeated that in different ways. But good to know they are all on board and hoping to create great different games for it. I doubt MS have just paid them to say all this - they are some of the top dev's in the world and in Japan alone! So Natal must be pretty impressive if they are going on about it like they are... lets just hope it doesn't bomb and turns out to be like we are hearing!

    Just still confused with not even ONE button or analog to move a character. They better stick with Natal as the name aswell cause everyone knows it as that.

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