Lost Planet Movie Has Nothing To Do With Lost Planet Games

So, Capcom, David Hayter and producer Avi Arad are making a Lost Planet movie. If it followed the plot of the games, there'd be robot suits, and there'd be giant bugs. But then, it's not following the plot of the games!

Speaking with G4, Capcom's Jun Takeuchi has said "[There]probably [won't be]so much of a reference to this particular title [Lost Planet 2] ."

"However, the only thing I know is those people working on the project that they love the world of Lost Planet. So, we know that they're going to utilise that world, but as far as the story line goes, the movie is completely different from the game."

Who are we kidding. Of course there'll be robot suits and giant bugs.

Lost Planet Movie Isn't Based On The Storylines Of Either Lost Planet Game [G4]


    Cause to worry= No other games to movies follow the plot either.

    Doom was about genetics not a portal linked to hell.

      oh no, the whole movie was a lead up to the bfg moment

      Ahh.... Doom

      How far was Mars was from Earth again?

    Realisticly its the best way (if there is such a thing when making game IP movies) to approach the situation.

    A movie made in the universe with its own independant plot line and characters can be written and directd for the medium of film, instead of ham fistedly trying to massage a full 12 hour game experience into a 2 and a half hour cinematic attrocity.

    Why would the Lost Planet movie won't follow the story from the games weel it should be following the storyline from the games and Capcom need to clear their heads when saying somethings like this if you going to make the movie from the game it has to have the a storyline starting the first game,that's why the Onimusha movie plot needs to be rewritten again and it need to be dark so the Onimusha movie plot should follow to the Onimusha Warlords game.
    Thank You.
    Bruce Acosta

    Granted the plot for Lost Planet was pretty forgettable...but whats the point of using the same name for a movie thats going to be based on an ice planet with aliens on it?!? Just call it something else and don't even mention the game. Wayne was a shit lead character anyway.

    Great idea. Haven't FF:Spirits Within taught these schmucks anything?
    I think FF:SW was awesome, but the fact that it doesn't tie into the familiar FF formula, nor not have a game name in its title pretty much alienates scifi movie fans and gamers alike. That's why the thing turned out to be such a commercial disaster.

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