Lostwinds Might Come To 360, PS3

Lostwinds Might Come To 360, PS3

Lostwinds is pretty great, but because it’s only available on WiiWare, many people are—for whatever reason—ignoring it. Maybe a version on the 360 or PlayStation 3 would fare a little better.

In an interview with VideoGamer, Frontier studio boss David Braben has said that as the 360 and PS3 begin to adopt new control schemes, “opportunities may also change”.

Pressed whether this meant Lostwinds could make its way to the HD consoles via Project Natal and Sony’s motion controller, Braben said “Well who knows? All of these things are enabling new gameplay mechanics, some of which could be quite close to something like LostWinds.”

“We’re certainly doing more in the world of LostWinds anyway. The very fact that we’re doing this sequel shows it’s been successful. But also, what those opportunities are, we’ll look at.”

So we might get Lostwinds, we might get something…else. As he says though, Lostwinds is already a strong “brand”, it’d make sense to push on and take it to other systems and new players.

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