Love Is An Open Alpha

A labour of love should be shared by all, so Eskil Steenberg has opened up the first alpha test for his procedurally-generated MMO Love to all comers, though be warned — the test is extremely limited.

How limited? Downloading the alpha client takes only a moment, and that's because there really isn't all that much to it. You'll be able to see the Love client running on your system, giving you an idea of how well the finished product will perform, but there are no servers and no logins. How does this help Eskil? When you open the client, it will send him data on your video card, and whether or not it supports the OpenGL extensions he is using. It's not much, but it should prove extremely helpful to the development process.

Check out the gameplay video we posted of Love back in April for a better idea of what Eskil is creating.

Stand up and be counted [Quel Solaar - Thanks, Chris!]


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