Lucasarts Packs Hit Steam, Direct2Drive

Lucasarts have released a number of game packs onto both Steam and Direct2Drive, collecting the Jedi Knight series and some classic Lucasarts adventure games.

Direct2Drive gets an adventure game pack (Loom, Fate of Atlantis, Last Crusade and The Dig) for $US9.95 and a Jedi Knight bundle (Dark Forces, Jedi Knight II & Jedi Academy) for $US14.95.

Steam, meanwhile, gets the same adventure pack (for $US9.99) and, in a better deal, all five Jedi Knight games in a bundle for $US20.


    Hmm, that's a hellva tempting set of offers... I haven't played those games in many a moon, and don't own half of them anyway (school was such a great place to try new games!)...

    Keep in mind that:

    a) Dark Forces is emulated in DOSBOX and if you want to configure stuff, you have to tinker a bit.
    b) Jedi Knight is broken beyond belief. Good luck getting it to run at all.

    Otherwise it's an awesome bundle :)

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