Lucasarts Unveils Lucidity, An Original Platformer

Perhaps aware of criticism that Lucasarts only survives by milking Star Wars and Indiana Jones dry, the company has tonight unveiled on GTTV a brand new puzzler/platformer called Lucidity.

Starring a young girl by the name of Sophie, Lucidity will be out on Xbox Live later this month, and is part 2D platformer, part 2D puzzler. Instead of controlling Sophie, players assume command of the level, altering it so that Sophie—who wanders around controlled by AI—can get through it.

It's certainly not what you'd expect from Lucasarts circa 2009. Which is probably the point.

[Gametrailers TV]


    Minus the whole little girl and her old grandma knitting, sounds alright. Very different yes for Lucas Arts.

    But hey, the point of Lucas Arts. was to develop Star Wars and eventually Indiana Jones games anyway. So that the $$$ stays in Lucas' hands and not others.

    And a lot of the games developed have been REALLY great, so i ain't complaining. Especially with that fantastic MMO soon.

    so it's basically lemmings with only 1 lemming?

    Sounds alot like lemmings

    If they were milking SW dry, wheres my Battlefront 3?

      It was put on hiatus (read: pretty much canned) when Free Radical, the team that was working on it, went under. I assume that Lucasarts has somebody else working on a new Battlefront 3 now though.

    Oh Wow, I was going to work on a game with this exact gameplay idea once my current one was finished. Oh well, other ideas await!

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