LunchTimeWaster: Biblical Shaving Stadium

video game name generatorNo, this isn't the usual LunchTimeWaster fare. I present to you: the Video Game Name Generator.

Just click on it. And then click Next. And then giggle and click Next again. That's all there is to it.

I know it's not new, but it's still funny.

Video Game Name Generator [No Refuge]


    Clicking repeatedly for fake game names? I dunno. I'd much rather spend my time playing Lair Of The Amish: Collector's Edition.

    That's really crap, I'm sorry I followed the link now! :(

    Lunch time waster?
    I think its closer to "three clicks waster".

    Hitler's Unicycle Fiasco

    "Inbred Cyborg - Collector's Edition"

    EPIC WIN!!!
    Trendy Kangaroo Bloodbath

    I would pay good money for "Radioactive Hovercraft of the Blood God", "Boring Porn - Collector's Edition", and "Alcoholic Golf of the Dead".

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