LunchTimeWaster: Explore The Galaxy, For Free

sais02The typical LunchTimeWaster runs in your browser. It's easy, it's convenient. When you've got 30 minutes to kill at your desk, you don't want to be fussing around with installations.

But I'll make an exception today for Strange Adventures In Infinite Space.

For two reasons: it's an excellent mix of Master Of Orion-lite strategy and Star Control-inspired arcade combat; it's now free.

Developer Digital Eel is now offering its six (seven?) year old game as a free download. You can also grab it from publisher Shrapnel Games. Windows and Mac versions are available. Heartily recommended.

Strange Adventures In Infinite Space [Digital Eel]


    Over the last several years, I've seen this game mentioned quite a bit. I've tried it a couple of times and for some reason, I'm just not interested. I loved Star Control, Star Flight, and various similar games but this one leaves me cold. Dunno why. YMMV and for David, obviously does. :)

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