LunchTimeWaster: Tetsics? Phystris? Er...

99-bricks-picsWhat I'm trying to say with that fumbled headline is that this is Tetris with physics. Make sense?

99 Bricks is Tetris in that familiar-shaped bricks fall from the sky, one at a time, and can be moved left and right and rotated before settling at the bottom of the well.

Where it departs is that the objective isn't to form solid horizontal lines to clear space. Quite the opposite: you have to build a tower of a certain height. The bricks possess a certain physics and will topple over if you haven't laid sufficient foundation - tricky given the irregular shapes and the fact you only have a limited number of bricks.

As a Tetris clone with a twist it, er... stacks up quite well.

99 Bricks [Kongregate]


    99 problems but a brick 'aint one.

    I misread your header as 'testicles' just a minute ago lol

    I got introduced to this game at my old job...I played it once and I sucked at it so I never came back lol.

    The name tetsics really reads like "Testicles" :]
    Phystris is ALREADY TAKEN: [Note: the game is still in dev, current beta is no longer available]

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