LunchTimeWaster: The Rules Of Attraction

LunchTimeWaster: The Rules Of Attraction

magnetizr picMagnetiZR may contain pointlessly capitalised letteRZ, but it’s jolly good fun in an Auditorium-without-the-music kinda way.

The goal is to shoot a projectile from A to B. Thing is, the path from A to B is rarely straightforward. You’ll have to place a host of magnets around the playfield to influence the projectile’s route. Some magnets attract, some repel, some create a magnetic field only in a particular direction, and so on.

How many levels can you pass this lunchtime?

MagnetiZR [Newgrounds]


  • May have gone a little bit over lunch on this one I’m afraid to say. Fantastic little game and I recommend that everyone play through to the last level. The game states that a lot of love went into the level and it shows with a really neat change the level on the fly trick going on.

    Definitely one of the more enjoyable flash games I’ve played but I don’t seeing it having the longevity of some others I played but was ultimately less impressed by.

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