LunchTimeWaster: What The Fcuk?

time fcuk picFrom the warped mind of Edmund McMillen, indie genius behind Gish and Meatboy, comes Time Fcuk. It's another seriously skewed take on the 2D platformer.

Puzzle-based platformers are a staple of indie development. Time Fcuk gets the basics right, as you'd expect. Each screen is negotiable via running, jumping, picking up and stacking boxes, and considered use of your ability to switch between two planes to reveal an alternate layout of platforms and passages.

What makes Time Fcuk really stand out is its presentation. McMillen's characteristic art is once again the highlight, but the way the narrative is told by your "future self" smothers the whole thing in paranoia. There's a hint of Portal in the way you feel like you can't quite trust what's happening, but you follow along because, frankly, there's nothing else to do.

Time Fcuk [Newgrounds]



    I spent 30 minutes or so before giving up, I wanted to know what happened but it was so hard.

    Got it. XD

    Are there two endings?

    yay this got featured here!

    by far one of the best flash games i've played in a long time, loved the puzzles and the atmosphere was fantastic.

    For those who were too crap/impatient/bored to finish it, I FINISHED IT TWICE FOR BOTH ENDINGS oh lawdy. But I finished it several days ago so the details are hazy - someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    But anyway, first ending is take the pill at the last level, float away back out of the box, shove self back into it, etc. Many selves run off into the future.

    The credits chastise you for being a sheep, tell you to stop reading the text yet you continue to because society dictates that that's what you must do, basically trips you out.

    Second ending (I think it's the good ending), solve the final room, touch yourself while standing upside down and you merge and twist and ascend out of the box, shove self back into it, etc. Many selves run off into the future.

    The credits tell you about a boy who lived in a box in the dark with a marker his mother gave him, and in the dark, he drew on the walls of the box and made his own world. One day he went to move to a bigger box and drew on it on the inside too, but wanted to see what he'd been drawing.
    His mother tells him to turn on the light, and so he sees the bodies of his other selves living and dying on the walls around him.

    Something like that anyway, the second ending tripped me right the fuck out.

    creepy as hell but I liked it

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