Mac Users Will Get To Experience The Game Of The Year — For 2007

Porting shop Feral Interactive has announced that they're bringing BioShock to the Mac more than two years after its original release. Mac users' immediate response was "What's a BioShock?"

I say that as a 23-year-old user and consumer of Mac products, too. It's no fault of Feral, they can only buy the rights to games and then build the ports, a necessarily reactive process that takes a long time start to finish. But this announcement is grimace-inducing to the core Mac gaming community, all six of us, utterly forsaken by Cupertino. Every time I go into an Apple Store and see people perusing the games section, I stare at them the way one stares at a freshman earnestly debating the quad preacher.

Where was I? Oh yeah, BioShock, for the Mac, October 7. It's $US49.95 in North America, £34.99 in the UK, €39.95 in Europe.

BioShock Hitting Mac Next Month [VG247]


    Yes it's old, but as long as the graphics have been turned up a notch then it'll be just as enjoyable as what the other versions were back then.

    Fingers crossed they get Bioshock 2 a little earlier than 2011/2012 too...

    I had BioShock on my Mac back in 2007.
    Boot Camp + Windows = Mac games rig.

    Why would you not do it? Windows even allows two installs (on a Desktop and Laptop) so you should be able to get it for free.

    Sounds to me like they're trying to get as many people as possible on board and ready for Bioshock 2.

    Why you would waste your money and buy a Mac with specs for gaming qualities is beyond me. Work is the only thing its good for.

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