Machinarium Out Next Month

Machinarium, a cute little adventure game that stars robots and steals hearts, will be out on PC on October 16, the game's developers (Amanita Design) let us know today.

It will be available on the game's official site, Steam and Impulse. Until then, here's a new trailer and some concept art.


    have just finished machinarium, and loved it. Its fun, entertaining, the art is fantastic, and the puzzles are challanging with out having to be a child genius. What a great idea to have solutions to the game as a game it self, and that saved reams of print out from dodgie online walk throughs. Im 49, and found Machinarium a relief from my normal hit of shoot'em games. My 15 year old daughter found it very cool, and even my darling wife loved it, and she normaly avoids any gaming.
    So thank's for the fun,
    Love that wee bot.

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