Madden Cover Athlete Hurts Himself

Madden Cover Athlete Hurts Himself

Madden NFL 10 co-cover athlete Troy Polamalu did just fine in the season opener between the Titans and the Steelers last night, until an injury put him out of commission for three to six weeks.

This is just another one of those silly little coincidences that has nothing at all to do with supernatural powers working behind the scenes. This sort of thing happens all the time. Polamalu was doing great, with six tackles and a one-handed interception, until a scrum just before the end of the first half left him with a sprained medial collateral ligament. It’s perfectly normal injury that will have him on the sidelines for 3-6 weeks. Big deal! It’s not like Pittsburgh needs him! They’ve still got…um. It’ll come to me.

Note how I didn’t say Madden curse. I don’t believe in the Madden curse, and won’t unless something horrible happens to Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald, the other athlete on the Madden 10 cover. Arizona plays San Francisco this Sunday, so you might want to set your DVR, just in case Fitzgerald spontaneously combusts.

Steelers Notebook: Knee injury to sideline Polamalu [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]


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