Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Launch Trailer Does Damage

Witness the heartbreaking breakup of Iron Man and Captain America in the launch trailer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, accompanied by Kosheen's amazingly appropriate "Damage."

Those of you who don't follow comic books might scoff at the use of the Kosheen tune. How can a dramatic tale of two people dragging out a relationship long after it's gone sour possibly relate to the funny books? I understand where you're coming from. We'll forgive you if you laugh while those of us who do read comics give each other reassuring hugs.

At least until the September 15 launch date. Then we'll be busy.


    Oh man, why are all the games I want coming out so close together? There has been months of not-many-releases... sigh.

    Oh well, definitely picking this up. Not from EB though, the Juggernaut preorder bonus isn't worth selling my soul.

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