Mechwarrior: The Movie?

According to "a trusted source" speaking with Joystiq, the production company run by former Disney boss Michael Eisner is looking at putting together a Mechwarrior movie. Which is a terrible idea.

Not because I hate Mechwarrior; far from it, I adore Battletech. It's just, giant robot fighting on the big screen has already been perfected in 1990's Robot Jox, and I'd hate to see some people blow a few million dollars in a futile attempt to better it.

The source also reports that a screenplay is being written by Michael Gordon (300, GI Joe), and that the project is currently "in development".

Source: MechWarrior movie 'in development' at Eisner's Tornante [Joystiq]


    Really? The same guy wrote the thoroughly-enjoyable 300 and the complete-and-utter-shit G.I. Joe?

    Well, to be fair to the guy maybe his script was actually decent... It'd be hard to know with the incredibly shit acting that was on display.

    Anyway - Mechwarrior movie? Probably end up being shit.

    Robot Jox? Never heard of it, but must now see it...

      I'm surprised too..but with 300 he had an acclaimed graphic novel in front of him. With GI Joe he had an action figure. ;)

    I bought Robot Jox for like $5 on DVD. I don't know if it was the best or worst $5 I've ever spent.

    Um, lets take 1 step at a time,

    How about we start with a game being released this decade first?

    Really, whats the general consumer appeal of mechwarrior? not something i think that will light up my sensors. I am taking the stance of believing this will not see the light of day, and if it does it will be so totally crap its not even funny.

    That way if it does any better I will be nicly surprised.

    They need to release a movie so we get Mechwarrior the Movie the Game a month before it releases.

    Hmm a Game based on a Movie based on a Game... (I know it's old school pen and paper but the Video games stand out more in my mind) Does anyone Remember Streetfighter the Movie the Video Game? If you do drink more.

    Best to settle down on relaunching the franchise through the game first before going as far as a movie.

    Luke Plunkett I hate you, MAKE THIS FILM!

    As long as the cgi is half decent and its mostly bad ass mech fights and not c grade actors pretending to be 'bad ass mech pilots dealing with the life of a mech pilot' then it might be decent.

    Bah after all that Uwe Boll did its hard to muster any enthusiasm at all for the idea of a video game movie.

    ROBOT JOX!! I fricken loved that movie in the ninties! (when I was a teen)

    Probably won't watch again. It'll ruin it seeing it with these now jaded eyes haha

    Robot Jox was equal parts awesome and dreadful :)

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