Melbourne Developer Promises New AFL Game Every Year

afl logoBig Ant is a Melbourne game development studio currently working on an AFL game due out next year. And if all goes according to plan you can expect an AFL game from them every year.

Now don't get Big Ant's AFL game confused with AFL Challenge, which came out a couple of weeks ago. AFL Challenge was developed by Wicked Witch and exlcusive to the PSP. Big Ant's game is headed for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Big Ant head honcho Ross Symons told Jason Hill's Screen Play blog this morning that they have a five-year plan for the series.

What we're doing with these games is targeting that these are the first of five. There will be five games in each iteration, in fact I hope there's more than five. For every iteration of our game, there will be something that is going to be perfect. For the AFL, it is going to be about the speed of play, moving the ball, and fun. We're going to make the first one really fun, setting the controls for the rest of the franchise. The next one might be all about the marks and being spectacular with a mark, or all about the tackles. We're being really specific, saying we'll get everything else as good as we can get, but we will do something that is flawless and spectacular in each of them.

Symons also talks about what it's like for a small Aussie team to compete in the sports genre against a heavyweight like EA Sports, whether they're going to 'bring back the biff' and what lessons they've taken from the efforts of previous AFL developers.

What do you think is the most crucial thing to get right in an AFL sim?

Big league [Screen Play]


    Personally i don't care how many they release, just make sure they are good and fun/accessible to play!

    my girlfriend and i need a new game to contest each other with!


    This is good.. when does it come out? Last i heard it was titled AFL '10 similar to the FIFA series & it will be out in early 2010 so i gather around when the new Premiership season begins?

    It would make sense to release during Finals period this year. But hopefully early next year! Been waiting for a 360 AFL game since well, the 360 came out.

    Are EA publishing it??

    For the record about getting it right with an AFL game, i found a lot of the Xbox and PS2 AFL games were great. We can't really compare it because thats from a previous generation console. You can feel the major difference in sport games from Xbox to 360 and PS2 to PS3. But we haven't got anything to compare it to for current consoles like you can with FIFA 09 to FIFA 10 and other franchises to FIFA.

    Can you add a drinking game... for the brownlows ... that would be fun and educational!

    If your too drunk you loose your wag and get suspended. If your just drunk enough your the life of the party!!

    they need the ground level contest sorted out. That's generally what has been shit in most afl games.

    Looool i hate sports games buti love (and play) AFL... Cant believe im saying this but i would buy it if its a AAA game.

      AFL is ghey play a real sport like NRL that is what real men play AFL people never fight just push but ppl think they so tough and stuff.

        LOL again!

        Clearly you have submitted this comment to piss a lot of people of, but you have really just come out looking damn right stupid. I gather you failed PE in school or better yet didn't complete school?

        For the record, that is why A LOT and my a lot i mean, probably all, of the famous celebs from yanky land come over to Australia and are astounded that AFL players play the game without any protection and gloat about the skill the players need to play the game.

        Looks like punctuation is also 'ghey'. One too many spear tackles?

    They need to put it on the wii, considering it's the best selling console in the country and seems to have decent success with sporting games.


      Cause Wii Sport and Wii Fit are the only ones that really defend your statement.

      What happened to Madden 10 in the charts for the Wii?

    Cocaine snorting and wife beating mini games will make it perfect.

      Funky J, stop commenting about AFL games and hurry up and finish your Street Fighter 4 review please.

    im happy to hear this, but skeptical about Big Ant developing it, as the titles they have already done range from a 5-7, but seeing as its there first time on this gen all hopes they do a great job.

    More like GAY FL amirite?


    Sounds great. Now I know not to buy it until the 5th iteration.

      And only the one that specialises in 'AFL as a whole.'

    i cant wait for it to come out, i hope they get the holding the balls right this time, afl 2007 was really bad for that you get the ball and a split second after u get tackled and get called for holding the ball

    Cant Wait For It (AFL 2010 Video Game on PS3)

    Finally... An AFL game. I've got a couple ideas:

    They need to get the tackling, bumping and smothering right, make it physical, and being able to dive on the ball with the push of a button, but have to dish it out beforee u get caught.. Also the shrugging of a tackle and the style the players run, it needs to be crisp.

    sounds great just hope all the draft and in depth stats are a must

    make sure there is a good career mode
    liek where you have your own player and you have to raise him and coach him and the team

    I`m just really bummed that it`s coming out december 31st after christmas

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