Metal Gear Style Cardboard Box Prison Escape

There's a device in the Metal Gear Solid stealth series in which Snake can sneak past guards by simply covering himself in a cardboard box. This isn't just a game convention. It apparently really works.

In France, at least.

Double murder suspect Jean-Pierre Treiber sneaked out of high security prison of Auxerre, Burgundy in a cardboard box. The 45-year-old inmate packed himself in said box, reports, which was loaded onto a truck. Somewhere along the 160km journey, Treiber hoped off the truck and landed in freedom.

Police had sealed off the roads and are trying to find the con using dogs.

One of the two strangled victims Treiber is said to have murdered is the daughter of renowned French actor Roland Giraud. Treiber has proclaimed innocence, and his DNA does not match the DNA on tape used to gag the victims. When he was arrested, Treiber's reaction was: "He bumped her off." He did use the victims' credit cards to withdraw cash from an ATM.

"One can either say he's guilty and that this is proof of his guilt... or one can say he's desperate," said Treiber's attorney, "that he no longer has faith in the justice system because he's pleaded his innocence for so long and hasn't been heard."

One could also say that the cardboard box actually works. Simple game mechanic this ain't!

Prisoner escapes jail in cardboard box [Telegraph]


    'snuck' is NOT a word!!! the correct past tense for sneak is sneaked. THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!

      Actually, 'snuck' has been a word since the 19th century and has been gaining momentum for decades. You may like to acquaint yourself with the notion of an evolving language.

      Brian, if you're going to make spelling changes to the article, you might as well correct the part about how he 'hoped' off the truck, too.

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