Metroid Prime Trilogy Arrives Minus Its "Special Little Item"

Metroid Prime Trilogy releases in Australia on October 15. Back in July, Nintendo told us we'd be getting something "special" with it. Looks like those plans have been shelved.

That pic up there is of the North American packaging, complete with snazzy metal case. Inside it also comes with a Metroid art book.

When I spoke to Nintendo Australia boss Rose Lappin in July, she said, "it’s got a little…special item in the book. That’s definitely coming."

She didn't elaborate on what this special item might be, but we figured—quite reasonably—we'd be getting the same collectible edition releasing overseas.

IGN AU just got their hands on a local copy and the results are...less than special. There's a cardboard sleeve housing a standard white plastic game case. Inside, there's a manual, Club Nintendo card and some sort of fold-out pamphlet. Check the link below for pics.

I feel so special right now.

No Steel Case For Metroid Prime Trilogy [IGN AU]


    I imported a month or more ago, got the tin, the booklet, and the game cheaper and months ahead.

    A shot in the face to fans.

    The fact that PAL gamers got a game at all IS the bonus..?

    They're not counting the fold-out art book are they?

    Damn, I wanted the shiny metal tin. But in the end, I'm just glad we're getting the game at all.

    Hmm. This is kind of a cheap move.

    Ah yes, PAL gamers kicked in the nuts again.

    gosh darnit. I wanted that tin case =(
    I feel cheated and abused.

    I got this game last week (yes, the Australian version), which must of been of the first sent out.

    Yes, it has no metal tin, but the bonus artwork found in the case is more than enough of a bonus to get me to buy it.... if I didn't already get it free.

    Happy I imported.

    Once again though, PAL fans are left in the dust.

    At the risk of being flamed, does it really, truly matter you're getting a plastic case and not a metal one?

    Once a game's in my console I really couldn't give a crap what box it came in.

    WHAT! Watching that IGN review made me jizz my pants. The metal tin and the games themself look awesome. Now we won't even get a proper artbook or tin case!? Looks like another import for me...

    Nintendo AU really suck! Overpriced games and tightarse moves are really getting on my nerves.

    Nintendo AU are nothing more than a pimple on a Hippo's arse. And that fat hippo is Nintendo. Without anything further to look forward to, after New Super Mario Bros and Mario Galaxy 2 I'd say my Wii will go up for sale. It's very very dusty right now.

    I am almost tempted to buy a Wii for this trilogy. I hear nothing but good things about Metroid. Eh I think I'll wait for the rumored next price drop.

    Imported this a month ago, and have not regretted it.

    Just playing through MP 1 and 2 makes you realise that they were well beyond their time.

    Maybe an obvious question for some, but all this talk of importing the game: is the Wii multi-regional? I was always under the impression that it wasn't...

      No, it isn't region free, but an Au Wii will play UK games, so a lot of people import from there.

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