Metroid Prime Trilogy Lost Its 'Damn'

In Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Admiral Dane expresses his frustration with the Space Pirates by letting out a rather mild profanity. "Damn," to be precise. In the Metroid Prime Trilogy, which released a week ago, it's been scrubbed.

See for yourself in the above comparison, uploaded yesterday by YouTube user ThunderChaosStudios. The cleanup didn't affect the rating process at all. All three games in the trilogy were originally rated teen, and so is the trilogy. One wonders why someone went to the trouble of eliminating the only(?) swear word in the game, one you hear on television daily.

I've contacted a Nintendo public relations rep for comment. If we hear back, we'll update the post here.

Metroid Prime: Corruptions Admiral Dane Drops the Curse Word [GoNintendo via Joystiq]


    'Damn' counts as profanity??? LOL

    doing that for disaster day of crisis, probably the only nintendo game to include the s-word would have killed a heap of spoken dialogue.

    What is this? 1983? Loll.

    I don't see it as a big deal either way, Nintendo like to make there games very friendly, it may have offended some 35 year old mother somewhere screaming "won't somebody please think of the children!"

    My chemistry teacher said "damn" today. We still found it funny, haha. I'm 18 by the way. And yeah I still find that funny.

    Damn and blast!

    Well, thank f*** for that, swearing really s**ts me.

    The only thing i think about when i hear Ninty getting all uppity about language is, "How the *^#$ &#&#ing #&%$ !^&@ did Conker's Bad Fur Day get onto the N64? And why was it toned down later? :S"

    ***** *** **** ****** all the ***** with the ****** goat ********* ***** lawnmower in the ****** to the moon!

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