Metroid Prime Trilogy Versions Look Worse Than The Originals

Those picking up Metroid Prime Trilogy appear to be trading convenience for graphical fidelity, with this clip showing that the Trilogy versions of the game are sporting reduced textures and particle effects.

The opening minutes show the original, while the Trilogy version kicks in at around the 3-minute mark. The differences in the water, in Samus' texturing and the effects of her weapons are clear to see.

Metroid Prime Trilogy missing graphical effects from GCN originals [The Examiner]


    Why are people so angry? It's probably from fitting 3 (One was a full wii game.) Metroid games to one disk. Stop complaining it's just a game. And for Nintendo AKA: We may not have the best graphics but we have cool new ways of playing!

      You idiot, it has nothing to do with disc space.

      Not only does a Wii disc have 3x to 6x! the amount of storage (by far enough for all 3 games!) of a gamecube disc, but the effects that are missing would only take up a few KBs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      People really have no idea. The games look identical. In fact the trilogy looks better. Retro Studios even went so far as to tell everyone what they have changed, including toning down some of the visual effects because they and fans alike, thought that it would immerse you in the experience a bit more. After playing the trilogy, while owning the originals, I agree. Great job guys, all three games are the best Nintendo titles ever. Great compilation. Buy it even if own the originals!!!

    Wow. I can't believe people are nitpicking over something that's barely noticeable. They could remove all the particle effects in the Prime Trilogy and it'd still be awesome. People who nitpick over things minor graphical issues like this should remember it's gameplay that matters. Halo 3 , COD4 (console version) and the PS3 version of GTA4 didn't run at 720, but did that make them any worse? No.

    This is strange.

    All the reviewers went on about how much better the graphics are from the originals.

    With the crappy youtube quality it's hard to tell.

      I've seen the same thing in reviews: claims that the games have never looked better. Maybe some effects and such are missing, but I'm going to trust that overall the games look at least as good as they ever have.

    "Retro Studios even went so far as to tell everyone what they have changed, including toning down some of the visual effects because they and fans alike, thought that it would immerse you in the experience a bit more."

    Exactly. The differences you see here are very much deliberate and done for a reason.

    The only thing I really notice is that the ripples are missing from the water in the second one, but it's still early days yet. Samus was missing a bump map on her suit which was there in Corruption, but they're still working on it. Until they're doing QA, nothing's a certainty

    I can see both sides of the argument; some peole want the same quality metroid prime as they used to have while others are admiting that they got the wii for the gameplay and not the graphics

    yeah I have to say the only real, major noticable difference is in the water ripples - all the weapon effects are slightly toned down but that is hardly a technical thing, its an art direction decision by Retro Studios. Some may not like the new effects and some may just think the flashier the better but still its not the technological cop-out that its made to seem like. Although the water ripples are a valid issue.

    Since i have never played the prime games, i guess it wont bother me lol. Most reviewers said it looks good though, so ill take their word and retros over a bad youtube video

    It looks exactly the same!!! Not only that but gunFIRE isnt meant to be a spectacular light show. Muzzle flashes are over before the eyes can even see it so its actually more realistic!

    When I'm playing Metroid Prime AND Echoes on Wii, I just don't care about the visual effects that might be downrated or deleted. When I explore or fight a giga-boss, it's so intense with controls that I never take care about graphics. But with component cable, Metroid Prime, Echoes and Corruption the best-looking Wii games of all! Even better than Twilight Princess.

    My only graphical complaint regarding the Wii version of Prime 1 (having played the GC version as well) was the removal of the charge up effects from the various beams: in the GC version charging the Ice Beam caused a layer of ice to form on the arm cannon, a charged Wave Beam created crackling electricity, etc. These were cool graphical touches which, while not makers or breakers, gave Prime a little extra coolness.
    (They may also have removed the heat shimmer that occurs after prolonged, repeated firing - not sure on that one. I do know they retained it in Prime 2.)
    I was also annoyed at the Phazon Suit acquisition cutscene being significantly less cool than the original, but that might be a PAL thing.
    I don't have a new beam in (Wii) Prime 2 yet, so I don't know if they kept the effects or not - I'll post again when do.

    So what? This proves nothing, except for the fact that it seems like a whole lot of nostalgic prick-waving on the part of the reviewers. But with YouTube-quality videos such as these, it's even more difficult to tell.

    If you care to remember Prime 1's neat water ripples were removed in the GC version of Prime 2 as well. So taking them out of the trilogy version of Prime 1 has a precedent.

    I loved all the little details in the Prime series, including the beam charge up effects. Maybe they were removed because in the trilogy versions the player can move the arm cannon freely around the screen. In the GC versions it was locked in a set position. Reprogramming the Ice-Over and Electricity effects to follow the movements of the cannon could've been too difficult to be worth it.

    In my view 16:9 support on MP1 and 2 is more than enough of a trade-off for a few missing effects.

    I'm going to sell my Metroid Prime Trilogy. I'm fine with the GC versions and I didn't really fall in love with the motion controls. Plus I for one hate that things were removed. So sue me. Then buy my copy of the game.

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