Microsoft Announce Natal Partners: Everyone Plus Kojima

Microsoft just sent out a self-congratulatory press release about Project Natal, highlighting the publishers and developers currently toiling away on games for the upcoming motion control system.

Those listed are:

Activision Blizzard Bethesda CAPCOM Disney Interactive Electronic Arts Konami MTV Games Namco Bandai Sega Square Enix THQ Ubisoft

In addition to those companies, Microsoft will also be holding a panel at TGS later today where Capcom's Keiji Inafune, Sega's Toshihiro "Brown Man" Nagoshi and Hideo Kojima will all be talking Project Natal, where they will "discuss the possibilities for the groundbreaking new experiences that can only be achieved with Project Natal".

Brown Man, Kojima and motion control? Oh, we'll be there. Will let you know what goes down.


    I hope it comes with a peripheral to actually hold in your hand with buttons like the Sony wand. Freeform is fun, but extremely limiting without something with buttons to hang onto and have analogue style control buttons.

    No Bioware. They could be included in EA but Microsoft would probably want to mention them seperately. They would be one developer very capable of utilising the voice recognition in their games, though personally i would prefer they didnt.

    Ubisoft, Activiton, EA, & Sega. Of corse!

    Hopefully decent games will be created by the others though. Perhaps a Rock Band Natal?

    I can't help but think of a Sonic Natal. CAPCOM if they actually do release a game, i also can't help but think of a Street Fighter Natal.

      For a Sonic Natal game, I just hope you don't have to run really fast and then roll in a ball to jump.

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