Microsoft Releasing 250GB Xbox 360 For Modern Warfare 2

Microsoft announced at a press event in Los Angeles today that, to commemorate the release of the game, they'll be releasing a brand new model of the Xbox 360 based on Modern Warfare 2.

This new console will be black, with Modern Warfare 2 branding, and will also come packing a 250GB HDD and two wireless controllers. More details to come.


    thats gunna cost a s#!t load i bet

    Guessing that it's NOT going to be cheap.


    Another thing. . . Are they going to eventually sell the 250GB drives seperate or not?

    I suspect that it will be expensive, but it really shouldn't be (it should be the cost of a Pro console + game + controller at a maximum). Hard drives are so cheap nowadays and if MS want to push digital distribution side of things they should be virtually giving high capacity drives away.

    T_M I agree completely. They're so adament about digital distribution that they seem to forget that small harddrive size + limited bandwidth for most consumers = unable to keep downloading games.

    Ive got a 60gb hdd now, but I had to stop dl'ing games on xbl because I almost used up most of the 14 (20 my fat ass) gb that came with the hdd.

    There's no excuse other than greed though for these custom hdd's. If they have a custom hdd and its not at least 1 - 2tb large on the next version of the Xbox or at least the option to use a standard seagate, I know what console I'll be going for...

    $599? lol. Im goina buy the normal Elite thanks.

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