Microsoft Releasing New 360 Wi-Fi Adaptor

When the Zune Store opens up on the 360 later this year, you'll need a 802.11n network in your house if you want to stream HD content. Microsoft's current Wi-Fi adaptor can't do 802.11n. So they need a new one!

This adorable little bunny is Microsoft's new wi-fi adaptor, currently doing the rounds at the FCC. It supports the more recent wireless standard—read up on it here if you're scratching your head—so once it hits the market, you'll be good to go.

Provided, that is, you don't mind paying out your arse for a new version of the most over-priced accessory the video game industry has ever known.

Official Xbox 360 802.11n Wi-Fi adaptor Coming Soon [Gizmodo]


    Hopefully they'll take the initiative and make the price something affordable this time 'round. Not going to hold my breath though.

    Yeah, I agree this is kind of annoying. But the fact MS made me buy a wireless adapter already by not intergrating it into their console I’m not that keen on forking over at least $130 more for the new one. And that’s only if they keep it the same price as the old one is now! Which is highly unlikely really. Just like Sony said about the PSP Go, “there are people who will pay a premium for new technology so we will charge that premium!”

    Getting wireless for free.

    1. Grab free cable that came with 360 console
    2. Set up internet connection sharing on a laptop
    3. Plug console into laptop
    4. Connect laptop to wireless

      Yes, because we all have a spare laptop lying about... ;)

      The cheaper way is to get one of the old Xbox adapters, or search google for "alternative xbox wireless adapter" and use the solutions offered on the millions of hits there.

        It doesn't break it

    Whose hoping that when the new one comes out we can buy the old one for $30 as everybody tries to get rid of them.

    I'm with you DKnight

    For crying out loud, I just bought a Wifi adapter for the Xbox.

    Real men use ethernet..

    Would not pay over $50 for these things, they're a rip $130 so that Xbox can receive wireless signals?
    I don't know why they didn't put them in with the newer models or at least put some more time into it before rushing it out to try and beat the others. I love the 360 for its variety of games and its killer Xbox Live service, but I hate the fact that there's just extra bits and pieces to grab for it.

    Lol you actually forked out for that thing? That bloody thing has been overpriced since launch. Let me guess this one is going to cost $200 AUD?

    Who cares this is only for Zune HD streaming, will chew up our bandwidth in no time anyway.

    I hated paying $170 for my adapter at launch but it has treated me well and I will stick with it.

    Does that mean you need a modem too that delivers 802.11n??

    Not worth it really. And like someone said, it will chew up your bandwith using it in Australia. I've only had my Wi-Fi adapter for coming up 12 months, so i've kinda peeved at this announcement, but if its only to use streaming Zune HD content, then no thanks. HD for free on TV is fine, but i'm not gonna out of my way to watch HD movies or content. I mean it doesn't offer some mind blowing experience.

    Perhaps this Telstra crap going on is a good thing. They said it can reduce the price of broadband which means they could offer unlimited downloads on some plans or give extra GB's per month.

      I think your seriously misinterpreting the "Streaming of HD content" bit. This accessory isnt internet related in any way, you simply require a higher speed connection in order to get smooth play back of HD video (1080p specifically) from any source (be it your mobile device, media server or internet).

      802.11g adapter's only offer 54mbps worth of bandwidth which can lead to choppy playback of high bitrate videos. 802.11n simply increases the amount of bandwidth you get with your wireless connection to your router to 300mbps which is significantly faster (needlessly faster really as your average RJ45 wired connection still runs at 100mbps, few people have gigabit routers). Of course you'll also have to fork out for a wireless N router aswell if your planning on making use of this new and undoubtedly (like the original xbox wifi adapter) over priced add-on.

    Umm... just get a N wifi access point with a client mode and hook your xbox up with ethernet to the access point, I plan to do this with my PS3 as it only has G (which doesn't cope well with high quality streaming video from my PC). When I get round to getting an xbox it will be a must (hell no I'm not paying MS for something that should be built into the system).

    Th current one has 802.11A support. That means 2 radios, one for 2.4GHz and one for 5GHz which means a lot higher cost.

    Not that this was a good idea given the low adoption of 11A but thats the reason its so damn expensive

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