Military Madness Busts A Move To XBLA This Week

Two of my favorite series are making the jump to Xbox Live Arcade this week, as Bust A Move Live and Military Madness Nectaris make an appearance on the Xbox Live Marketplace starting Wednesday.

In addition to those two higher-definition classics, expect Football Genius - The Ultimate Quiz to become suddenly available to Xbox 360 owners. Before you start flexing your NFL and NCAA football skills, just a heads up that that's the game that some of us call soccer. All titles will set you back 800 Microsoft Points.


    fuckin joke ayyy screw you ms why dont we get bust a move or as you call it puzzle bubble here :( yet another thing we get screwed on

    1. No Indie Games
    2. No inside xbox
    3. Lack of demos or long waits on demos (ie brutal legend)
    4. Not all of the arcade games
    5. No video streaming service
    6. US gets 2 months of xbl free with 12 months at the moment do we...nope
    7. US consoles get 50 cashback do we nope

    I could go on all night suffice to say im pissed off

    Puzzle bubble not release in Australia!!! Will it be later on is my question!!!

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