Moe Military Airplane Game Coming To Xbox 360

Futuristic military sorcery franchise Strike Witches has been announced for the Xbox 360. Originally illustrated in mags, Strike Witches went on to become a light novel, manga and anime.

The Strike Witches are magical moe animal girls recruited by governments worldwide to take down the imperialistic Neuroi and its indefensible weaponry.

No info about the game's developer or release date. We do know that it is a shooting game and that it will have Xbox LIVE support. Expect fan service. Endless fan service.

Strike Witches shooting game announced for 360 [Canned Dogs]


    Moe isn't the word for this show, it's disgusting lolicon stuff.

      Disgusting? It is definitely moe.

      Moe is Lolicon, they are one and the same.


        Moe? Oh god yes.
        Lolicon? Hell no.


      Wow... I thought you were just hating on anime till I looked at the first video I found for this on youtube. I felt like a pedo and the opening credits hadn't even finished O_O

      I really can't get over how dirty I feel right now...

        Yeah, no I'm a huge anime fan, but this just disgusted me.

    Feh, moe =/= loli, moe cannot be described as it transcends the boundaries of :3.

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