Moe Nazi Vehicle Girls Getting PSP Sequel

Computer tactical role-playing-game Moe Moe Niji Taisen brought its Nazi and Allied vehicles to the PS2 and PSP back in 2009. An Xbox 360 spruced up port followed the next year.

This year, a proper sequel is getting released — this December, actually.

As we've pointed out previously, developer System Soft Alpha took its strategy franchise Dai Senryaku and replaced tanks and planes with moe characters for the series.

The games features a bevy of girls with large breasts eyes who personify various military vehicles (tanks, planes). Since the game is attempting to be AN INCREDIBLY ACCURATE portrayal of World War II, it features characters from the various warring factions like America, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Italy and Germany. All this is in the name of accuracy - truly bizarre accuracy!

The game originally debuted on the PC back in December 2007 and seems to be trying to capitalise on the success of military sci-fi franchise Strike Witches.

Moe 2 [System Soft]


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