More Art From GRIN's Cancelled Final Fantasy Project

We don't normally enjoy loitering around what is essentially a corpse, but when it's a Final Fantasy game that was in production at a Swedish studio, well, you can excuse us for being curious.

With the game now canned, and GRIN no more, the artists working on the game are now free to go posting their work for the world to see. We've seen some before, obviously, but over on the amazing forums, more has surfaced.

This time with chocobos.


    Missing Biggs, Wedge, a Train, and Chocobo's. Otherwise it's a shame because even if it wasn't to be a Final Fantasy game, it looks good enough that it might be worth it.

    although its only concept art, its looking better than some of the stuff square themselves bring out. whoever the artists are, they really captured the atmosphere and feeling of final fantasy, at least in my opinion.

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