More Details About New Okami Game

The full title for upcoming DS Okami game is Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou, and the title takes place a few months after the PlayStation 2 original and features a new wolf named Chibiterasu.

Gameplay is similar to the PS2 version where players will draw out characters with the in-game brush. However, the DS title will obviously use the Touch Pen.

The original Okami designer Hideki Kamiya is not involved with the title as he has left Capcom. Instead, the title is being produced by Ace Attorney Investigations producer Motohide Eshiro and directed by Kuniomi Matsushita, who directed the Wii port of Okami. According to Matsushita, the reason why the game is on the DS is that Capcom wants more people to experience the world of Okami.

The title is currently 25 per cent finished and expected for release in 2010.

Okamiden [IGN via Siliconera]


    :( no next-gen Okami sequel.

      We don't even know what the next generation of consoles will consist of, let alone what games will be out for them!


      In other words, calling it "next-gen" is incorrect as we are already experiencing this so called "next-gen". Therefore it is "current-gen" rathter than next gen...make sense? confused myself there for a second...

    Oh boi, could this destroy the legacy of the near-flawless game that was Okami?

    I think the Wii version destroyed it plenty already.

      I watched a video comparing the PS2 and Wii versions and they look almost exactly the same, apart from the Wii version looking oversaturated? What ruined it about the Wii version? Guess I'll just get the DS rom anyway ...

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