More Info About FFXIII's Young Girl Serah

There's more to Final Fantasy XIII character Serah Farron than simply looking reminiscent of an erotic game character. Much more.

Serah is the headstrong, independent younger sister of heroine Lightning and lady friend of bandanna-wearing hero Snow. Lightning does not approve of her sister's engagement to Snow.

Like Lightning, Serah is a L'Cie and has a tattoo of red spheres on her left arm. She also has a frilly skirt.

Final Fantasy XIII's Serah Farron Shonen Jump Scan and Final Fantasy XIII Character Detailed [FFXIII-net via Neogaf]



    Don't the Japanese believe that headstrong girls don't get married?

    Wow she really does look like Imari, that's funny.

    They should have named the younger sister Thunder, and the older sister Thundara. Just for kicks.

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