Muramasa Moment In Art

Ignition Entertainment's Muramasa: The Demon Blade will be in stores soon, so the company has released a "Moment in Art" trailer to make sure everyone who owns a Wii sees how lovely it looks.

See? Isn't that lovely? It could be the prettiest thing you'll see on your Wii this year. While you desperately struggle not to make some sort of crude joke out of that statement, I will disappear into the night, ninja-style.


    I can't wait for this game, sadly the PAL release is like a month behind the american.

    Is this a button masher or a waggle fest? I'm hoping it's the former..

    Hey, look, its Odin Sphere for PS2! No wait... its a blatent ripoff... boo...

    Odin sphere? But it's quite different to Odin sphere. It's meant to be the sequel and it's made by the same company as Odin sphere. Did they rip themselves off?

    I can't wait for this. I would love if you could use a gamecube controller instead or at least have the option. Motion controls aren't ideal for everything.

      I believe it does have the option of using a gamecube/classic controller instead of the wii remote.

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